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Descendants of FRANK THEODORE KITTENDORF, son of Olaf Kittendorf, grandson of Johann Kittendorff, great-grandson of Johan Rudolf Martin Kittendorff .

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Johan Rudolf Martin Kittendorff was born 1790 in Stralsund, Germany The village of Kittendorf is located south of Stralsund. For many years this area of Germany was situated behind the "Iron Curtain" and as such, remained inaccessible to visitors. Germany is physically south of Denmark, and north of Austria and Switzerland. See linked maps.
Johan Rudolf Martin Kittendorff died 1875 in Goteburg, Sweden. Goteburg, a/k/a Gothenburg or Gottenburg,, is the second largest city in Sweden.
Children of Johan Rudolf Martin Kittendorff are:
1. +Johann Kittendorff, b. April 1818, d. date unknown.


Johann Kittendorff (son of Johan Rudolf Martin Kittendorff) was born April 1818, and died date unknown. He married Eldna.
Date born 2: 1817

More About Johann Kittendorff:
Profession: Farmer
His place of origin is shown as Mecklenburg
Arrival: August 28, 1854, New York.
Ship: Humbolt
Departure: Hamburg, Germany.
Destination: United States of America.

Note: We're working with records gathered by two separate individuals, working to double check and confirm .

IF this is the correct Johann Kittendorf, genealogical records would seem to indicate that he traveled alone to America, months, or possibly as much as a year before his family.

He married Eldna, who was born March 03, 1819, and died date unknown.

Children of Eldna and Johann Kittendorff are:

1. +Carl Kittendorff, b. April 28, 1844, Kvistokta, Holland , d. 1921, Gustaf Adolf Church, Baskarp, Sweden
2. Franz Kittendorff, b. January 01, 1847 , d. date unknown.
3. +Joahino Kittendorff, b. December 14, 1848, d. date unknown.
4. +Thilda Kittendorff, b. March 03, 1851 , d. date unknown.
5. Louisa Kittendorff, b. March 19, 1853 , d. date unknown.
6. Adolf Kittendorff, b. June 12, 1856 , d. date unknown, USA .
7. +Olaf Kittendorff, b. September 01, 1858 , d. date unknown, Lilla Edet, Sweden. Details of Olaf's descendants appear below on this page.
8. Rudolf Kittendorff, b. June 03, 1863 d. date unknown, USA

NOTE: If the father, Johann traveled to America, according to the children's birth records, it appears that Johann and Eldna would have left northern Germany, then passed through Denmark as they made their way north towards Sweden. Johann would then have had to double back to Germany alone, to board a ship in Hamburg. There are records which show a Johann Kittendorff arriving in New York in 1854. The child Louisa would have been conceived in Europe around June of 1852, and the next child, Adolf, would have had to be conceived around September of 1855, the time-table for which which could be considered feasible. Some of the children appear to have stayed behind with relatives.

Olaf Kittendorff (son of Johann Kittendorff and Eldna) was born September 01, 1858, and died date unknown in Lilla Edet, a Swedish municipality in Västra Götaland County, in western Sweden. which is located North of Goteburg. Note: Olaf's grandfather, Johan Rudolf Martin Kittendorff died in Goteburg, Sweden in 1875.

Olaf married Vacht Gustaftson.



Vacht Gustaftson



Children of Olaf Kittendorff and Vacht Gustaftson are:

1. +Frank Theodore Kittendorf, b. September 10, 1882, Gottenburg, Sweden, d. February 16, 1953, Miami, Dade County, Florida, USA. Details of Frank Theodore Kittendorf's descendants appear below on this page.

2. Olga Kittendorf, b., Gottenburg, Sweden, d. date unknown.

3. Harry Kittendorf, d. date unknown, USA

4. +Gertrude Kittendorf, d. date unknown, USA

5. +Sam Kittendorf, d. date unknown, USA


Frank Theodore Kittendorf (son of Olaf Kittendorff and Vacht Gustaftson) was born September 10, 1882 in Gottenburg, Sweden

He married Ellen Johanna Erickson in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA , daughter of Bengt Erickson and Christine.

The 1910 Federal census records have the family living in Chicago Ward 7, Cook, Illinois, and show Frank T. Kittendorff, his wife Ellen J. Kittendorff, both age 27, a daughter Genevieve Kittendorff age 2, and Rhia B. Kittendorf, age 1. Note that this census shows the family name as still being spelled with the double f, Kittendorff.

His Chicago Local Board No. 68 World War I Draft Registration Card, signed on September 18, 1918, stated that he was 36 years of age at the time, a naturalized citizen, gives his name as Frank Teodardt Kittendorf, and he is described as being of medium height, medium build, having GRAY eyes and BLOND hair. His profession is shown as bricklayer.

The 1930 Chicago city census shows Frank and Ellen aged 47, married for 23 years, with two children living at home, Genevieve, at age 22, working as stenographer for Bond Mortgage Company, and Delmar, a student, age 17. Year of arrival in the U.S. for Frank is shown as 1899, and 1898 for his wife, Ellen. In 1930, only a year after the stock market crash of 1929, Frank appears to have been extremely well-to-do. He owns his own home, which he states is valued at $35,000. He also owns his own business, and states that his profession is Contractor/Bricklayer.

Frank Theodore Kittendorf was considered a very quiet man. He smoked cigars upon occasion, avoided high sugar foods and preferred whole grain foods. He maintained his weight within 10 pounds of 165 for his entire adult life. Although he is reputed to have become deaf in a skiing accident in Sweden prior to coming to the US, there is no mention of any hearing problem on the draft registration card.

He died February 16, 1953 in Miami, Dade County, Florida, USA. Official cause of death is said to have been Carcinoma of Stomach. Cremated with ashes scattered at sea with the ashes of his wife Ellen.



Ellen Johanna Erickson (daughter of Bengt Erickson and Christine) was born June 16, 1882 or 1883 in Malmo, Sweden. One record, possibly a typo, suggests that she arrived in America in 1878, while the 1930 census indicates that she arrived in 1898.

Ellen Johanna Erickson married Frank Theodore Kittendorf on June 1, 1905.

Photo above right was taken on her wedding day. Click to view entire image.

Her residence in 1920 is referenced as Chicago Ward 29, Cook (Chicago) Illinois.

She died 27, April, 1953 less than a month after the death of her husband Frank Theodore Kittendorf, in Miami, Dade County, Florida, USA

Their ashes were scattered at sea.


Children of Frank Theodore Kittendorf and Ellen Johanna Erickson are:

1. +Genevieve Norma Kittendorf, b. August 10, 1907, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA, She married Carl Nord Swanson on May 04, 1934 .She died November 12, 1993 View additional photo of Genevieve dated August 24, 1929.

2. +Rhea Beatrice Kittendorf, b. February 24, 1909, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA. She married Abel Whitmer Bach on August 24, 1929 in Chicago , Illinois, USA179. d. April 06, 1961, Hinsdale, Illinois USA. Photo dated August 24, 1919.

3. +Delmar Frank Kittendorf b. May 29, 1912, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA, Married Dorothy Helen Tilley. .Florida, USA . d. October 1978, Miami, (Miami-dade)
View descendants of DELMAR FRANK KITTENDORF.

Back row: Frank and Ellen Kittendorf
Front row, left to right: Genevieve, baby Delmar, and Rhea

Delmar Frank Kittendorf (Sr) (son of Frank Theodore Kittendorf and Ellen Johanna Erickson) was born May 29, 1912 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA,
Handsome, extremely bright and extremely personable, Del possessed the mind of an engineer. His height as a grown man was 6'4". He had blue eyes.

He married Dorothy Helen Tilley, daughter of the artist William Tilley and Nancy (Anne).
Wedding date: September 9, 1938

A heavy smoker, Del was diagnosed with Emphysema. Cause of death in October 1978 was ______ . He died in Miami, Florida, USA

Dorothy Helen Tilley (daughter of William Tilley and Nancy (Anne)).
She married Delmar Frank Kittendorf, son of Frank Theodore Kittendorf and Ellen Johanna Erickson.

Dorothy died suddenly and unexpectedly of cancer in 19__.


Children of Dorothy Helen Tilley and Delmar Frank Kittendorf are:

1. +Delmar Frank Kittendorf, Jr..married Diane

2. +Richard Allen Kittendorf. married Cynthia

3. +Terry Lynn Kittendorf. married first Linda, married second Louise

4. +Craig Xandor Kittendorf. married Gayla


These are the sons of Delmar Kittendorf Sr., grandsons of Frank Theodore Kittendorf, great-grandsons of Olaf Kittendorff, great-great grandsons of Johann Kittendorff, great-great-great grandsons of Johan Rudolf Martin Kittendorff who was born in Stralsund, Germany, north of the village of Kittendorf, in the year 1790.

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