On this page: Richard Allen Kittendorf
son of Delmar Kittendorf Sr., grandson of Frank Theodore Kittendorf, great-grandson of Olaf Kittendorff, great-great grandson of Johann Kittendorff, great-great-great grandson of Johan Rudolf Martin Kittendorff who was born in Stralsund, Germany, north of the village of Kittendorf, in the year 1790.


Richard Allen Kittendorf
(son of Delmar Frank Kittendorf and Dorothy Helen Tilley).
Richard is 6'2" with blue eyes.

In 2007, Richard Kittendorf was awarded “Building Official of the Year” at the Building Officials and Inspectors Education Association’s annual awards banquet. The award is an acknowledgement, by his peers, of the dedication and zeal that Mr. Kittendorf has displayed in his position. In December of 1985, Mr. Kittendorf was hired as the Chief Structural Inspector for the City of Miramar (Florida). In 1987, he was promoted to Building Official and has continued in that position. Due to his team work approach, positive direction and open door policy with developers, contractors, and citizens, the building division personnel have been able to provide a modern and efficient governmental agency that oversees the construction and life safety elements of all construction in the City of Miramar. During his tenure, Mr. Kittendorf has overseen the review and approval of several Miramar landmarks. These landmarks include the Town Center, where he was instrumental in the design of the City Hall Complex, Memorial Hospital Miramar, Miramar Youth Enrichment Center, and the upcoming: Miramar Multi-Service Center, Ansin Sport Complex, Miramar Cultural Center/ ArtsPark, and the Broward County Public Library at Town Center.


Richard married Cynthia Sue Loomis
Cynthia is 5'8" with hazel eyes.

Cynthia Sue Loomis married first:William Clemens Webb Jr. (6'2" with green eyes) with whom she had a son, William Clemens Webb III. Bill is 6'3" with brown eyes.

Bill III married and was then divorced from Gail Dixon, an attractive young woman with black hair and blue eyes. Bill was awarded custody of their young daughter Lauren Kristen Webb, who grew up with her father Bill and his (former) fiance Evelyn Bermeo. Lauren is over 5' 9" and has blue eyes.

At age 21 in 2011, Lauren is currently in college, and hopes to enter the field of law.

Lauren has three half-siblings, with whom she enjoys an affectionate relationship. After their divorce, Bill's first wife Gail Dixon Webb entered into a relationship whch produced a son, Gary Bacon . Gail herself eventually remarried and her last name is now Deggs. She has two additional children from her second marriage, a girl born first, and then a boy.

Cynthia Loomis Webb, divorced, and with three year old son Billy, married second: Richard Allen Kittendorf. As a child Billy also used the name William Webb Kittendorf.

Billy was ten years old when Richard and Cynthia had fraternal twin sons, Shane and Brandon von Kittendorf.
Shane is 6' 4" and has Richard's blue eyes.
Brandon is 6' 4" and has Cynthia's hazel eyes.

After Richard and Cynthia divorced, Cynthia Webb von Kittendorf married third: Robert Neil Gurin, PhD. father of two sons, Christopher and Hugh.

Shane, Cynthia, & Brandon

William C. Webb III with former fiance Evelyn

Lauren Kristen Webb is being hugged by her cousin,
Brandon von Kittendorf's adopted son, Kyle Mendez Kittendorf

Twin sons of Richard and Cynthia:





Shane and Brandon von Kittendorf at age 2 and at age 20
The twins each won football scholarships to Ohio's Findlay University.

(Shane's on the left, Brandon's on the right)

Shane von Kittendorf, married Dana Millage, whose daughter Samantha was 10 year old at the time of their marriage. Shane and Dana have a daughter, Madison Leigh Kittendorf. They lost their son and Shane almost lost Dana from placenta abrevia shortly before their beautiful little boy Leland was to have been born.
Shane, Dana, Samantha and Madison all have blue eyes.
Shane and Dana
Madison & Samantha

Brandon von Kittendorf married Angie Mendez, whose son Kyle, was about 2 years old at the time of their marriage. Brandon has formally adopted Kyle, who was diagnosed with autism. (see photo of Kyle with his cousin Lauren Webb above). Brandon and Angie have a daughter, Tatyanna von Kittendorf.
Brandon has hazel eyes, Tatyanna has her mother Angie's beautiful brown eyes.

Brandon and Angie

Brandon and Tatyanna

Samantha, Tatyanna & Madison


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