Descendants of Olaf Kittendorf, son of Johann Kittendorff, grandson of Johan Rudolf Martin Kittendorff

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On this page: Descendants of Alice Elizabeth "Bunny" Bach, daughter of Rhea Beatrice Kittendorf and Abel Whitmer Bach.
is the grandaughter of Frank Theodore Kittendorf, and the great-grandaughter of Olaf Kittendorff.
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Johan Rudolf Martin Kittendorff was born 1790 in Stralsund, Germany , and died 1875 in Goteburg, Sweden.
Children of Johan Rudolf Martin Kittendorff are:
1. +Johann Kittendorff, b. April 1818, d. date unknown.


Johann Kittendorff (son of Johan Rudolf Martin Kittendorff) was born April 1818, and died date unknown. He married Eldna.

More About Johann Kittendorff:
Arrival: August 28, 1854, New York.
Date born 2: 1817
Ship: Mecklenburg.
Departure: Hamburg, Germany.
Destination: United States of America.


Eldna was born March 03, 1819, and died date unknown

Children of Eldna and Johann Kittendorff are:

1. +Carl Kittendorff, b. April 28, 1844, Kvistokta, Holland, d. 1921, Gustaf Adolf Church, Baskarp, Sweden
2. Franz Kittendorff, b. January 01, 1847 , d. date unknown.
3. +Joahino Kittendorff, b. December 14, 1848, d. date unknown.
4. +Thilda Kittendorff, b. March 03, 1851 , d. date unknown.
5. Louisa Kittendorff, b. March 19, 1853 , d. date unknown.
6. Adolf Kittendorff, b. June 12, 1856 , d. date unknown, USA .
7. +Olaf Kittendorff, b. September 01, 1858 , d. date unknown, Lilla Edet .
8. Rudolf Kittendorff, b. June 03, 1863 d. date unknown, USA



Olaf Kittendorff (son of Johann Kittendorff and Eldna) was born September 01, 1858, and died date unknown in Lilla Edet. He married Vacht Gustaftson.



Vacht Gustaftson



Children of Olaf Kittendorff and Vacht Gustaftson are:

1. +Frank Theodore Kittendorf, b. September 10, 1882, Gottenburg, Sweden, d. February 16, 1953, Miami, Dade County, Florida, USA.

2. Olga Kittendorf, b., Gottenburg, Sweden, d. date unknown.

3. Harry Kittendorf, d. date unknown, USA

4. +Gertrude Kittendorf, d. date unknown, USA

5. +Sam Kittendorf, d. date unknown, USA



Frank Theodore Kittendorf (son of Olaf Kittendorff and Vacht Gustaftson) was born September 10, 1882 in Gottenburg, Sweden

He married Ellen Johanna Erickson in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA , daughter of Bengt Erickson and Christine.

Frank Theodore Kittendorf became deaf in a skiing accident in Sweden prior to coming to the US. Was considered a very quiet man

He died February 16, 1953 in Miami, Dade County, Florida, USA. Cremated and buried at sea with the ashes of Ellen.



Ellen Johanna Erickson (daughter of Bengt Erickson and Christine) was born June 16, 1882 in Malmo, Sweden

Ellen Johanna Erickson married Frank Theodore Kittendorf on June 1, 1905.

Photo at near right was taken on her wedding day.

She died 1953 in Miami, Dade County, Florida, USA


Children of Frank Theodore Kittendorf and Ellen Johanna Erickson are:

1. +Genevieve Norma Kittendorf, b. August 10, 1907, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA, She married Carl Nord Swanson on May 04, 1934 in South Shore Community Church, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA , son of Carl Johan Albert Swanson and Emma Louise Nord. She died November 12, 1993, Davenport, Scott County, Iowa, USA Burial: November 1993, Riverside Cemetery, Prophetstown, Illinois. View additional photo of Genevieve dated August 24, 1929. View descendants.

2. +Rhea Beatrice Kittendorf, b. February 24, 1909, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA. She married Abel Whitmer Bach on August 24, 1929 in Chicago , Illinois, USA179. d. April 06, 1961, Hinsdale, Illinois USA. Photo dated August 24, 1919. View descendants. View descendants below on this page.

3. +Delmar Frank Kittendorf, b. May 29, 1912, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA, d. October 1978, Miami, (Miami-dade) Florida, USA174. View descendants.

Back row: Frank and Ellen Kittendorf
Front row, left to right: Genevieve, baby Delmar, and Rhea


Rhea Beatrice Kittendorf, daughter of Frank Theodore Kittendorf, grandaughter of Olaf Kittendorff was born February 24, 1909, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA.
She married Abel Whitmer Bach on August 24, 1929 in Chicago , Illinois, USA
View Wedding Photo dated August 24, 1919.
She d. April 06, 1961, Hinsdale, Illinois USA.

Married Abel Whitmer Bach in August of 1929.

Children of Rhea Beatrice Kittendorf and Abel Whitmer Bach are:



MEMORIES OF Abel Whitmer Bach:
While none of the grandchildren of Rhea had the opportunity to know her, we did spend quite a bit of time with Able (AL) Bach growing up. He was a wonderful grandfather, often behaving like one of us kids. My memories include spending time with him and his second wife Eleanor in Cape Coral, Florida where he lived on the intracoastal waterway. Our grandfather was the vice president of International Harvester in Chicago before retiring and his engineering degree was evident by his well stocked garage. Tools hung everywhere neatly organized. He climbed tall ladders to collect coconuts for us grandkids, a activity which would lead to him being blown from the ladder and breaking his hip a few years before his death. As children we would go on "treasure hunts" in the boat slip at his house. Our fishing experiences from his dock were unforgettable - puffer fish, stingrays, along with many edible fish. Playing with bait shrimp was always a sure way to get in trouble! My mother says the first time I caught a fish there, I threw in the pole in my excitement, grandpa went in after it! Grandpa's afternoon martinis were also also fond memory, since we got to have Shirley Temples with the adults. Dancing in the driveway in early evening was a common event and even the neighbors would get involved. I'll never forget our trips to Disney with and numerous slide shows from his world travels.The many treasures he brought my cousins and I from those trips opened our imaginations. Grass skirts from Hawaii, those beaded sandals from India that you wore on top of your feet, abacuses(sp?) from Japan, those nesting dolls from Sweden... Rides in the golf carts and dinners at the club. oh yeah and none of us can forget "The Grandpa Special"- the napkin tucked in your shirt to act as a bib! The always full bowl of Brachs caramels was a sure sign you were at Grandpa Bach's. After his cerebral hemorage, we had to lock the bowl up in the liquor cabinet, because he would eat the whole bowl! ------Elizabeth (Bach Holland Grant) Sisson

  These are the children of Rhea Kittendorf Bach, grandchildren of Frank Theodore Kittendorf, great-grandchildren of Olaf Kittendorff, great-great grandchildren of Johann Kittendorff, great-great-great grandchildren of Johan Rudolf Martin Kittendorff who was born in Stralsund, Germany, north of the village of Kittendorf, in the year 1790.


1. +Nancy Rhea Bach, b. 11/12/32. Nancy died of cancer in 1999.
Married Donald Wilson.
Children of Nancy Bach and Donald Wilson are:
---- 1. Judy Wilson, who married Paul Monzawa..
---- 2. Ken Wilson.
---- 3. Debbie Wilson.
2. +Sandra "Sandy" Lynn Bach b. 10/29/1938. Sandy died of cancer in 1992.
Married Gordon French.

--Children of Sandra Bach and Gordon French are:
---1. +Kendra French - who married Michael Miller.
The Children of Kendra French and Michael Miller are:
---------- 1. Hailey Miller.
---------- 2. Ellery Miller.

---2. Julie Denise French.
---3. Andrea French.
---4. Steve French.

MEMORIES OF Sandra Lynn Bach
I spent many happy Easters with my cousins in Punta Gorda. Many "Easter Eves" were spent on Easter Bunny Watch and we even convinced ourselves we'd seen the furry guy once from the bedroom window. Easy Bake Oven and trampoline mishaps and peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches. Aunt Sandy was our family "Martha Stewart". When they moved to Davis Island, Florida she was a well thought of Interior Designer. She was always creating some special gift for a wedding or sewing something. Her skills were amazing and I have always secretly aspired to be like her. ------Elizabeth (Bach Holland Grant) Sisson

3. +Alice Elizabeth "Bunny" Bach.

Alice Elizabeth Bach married first Jeff Holland

Child from this union is:

---------1.Elizabeth "Liz" Bach Holland, b. 4/18/67 (see also SMALL WORLD note)
Liz Sisson - kricketliz@comcast.net
Liz married first: Robert E. Grant, Jr
Child from that union:
Ashley Elizabeth Grant b:3/23/88

Liz married second: Patrick Sisson (who also has some Ericksons in his family tree)
Children from that union:
Evan Patrick Sisson & Andrew Michael Sisson, twins, b: 5/01/2006 died the same day.
Rachel Elizabeth Sisson dob:3/27/2008

Alice Elizabeth Bach married second Roger Collins

Children from this union are:

---------1. James Roger Collins, Jr. (see also SMALL WORLD note)
James is an attorney in West Palm Beach Florida and lives in Stuart, Florida with his wife, Penepole who is from Brazil.

---------2. Jason Whitmer Collins
Jason is an engineer for company in Georgia... he lives in Macon

..........SMALL WORLD : Elizabeth "Liz" Bach Holland Grant Sisson
Liz is a teacher in Lake Placid, Florida. Liz wrote to tell us, A few years ago when I found myself unexpectedly pregnant at 38 with twin boys, I met Shane Kittendorf, (one of the twin sons of Richard & Cynthia Kittendorf). Shane, (a General Contractor who was then building custom homes in Lake Placid, Florida), had recently married Dana Millage thus becoming the stepfather of one of my former students, Samantha Millage. At the time I didn't know Shane's last name and when Samantha introduced me, he remarked that he wished his own wife was pregnant with twins, since he was one himself. It was only later that I saw his name on a fundraiser form which Samantha had brought me that I realized Shane and I were related. Unfortunately I lost my own twin boys at 22 weeks but have since been blessed with beautiful little girl, Rachel.
..........SMALL WORLD:
James Roger Collins Jr. met Shane von Kittendorf, (one of the twin sons of Richard & Cynthia Kittendorf) when he was in school at St Thomas in Miami, Florida. Shane's mother, Cynthia Kittendorf Gurin is also a resident of Stuart, Florida.


Patrick & Elizabeth (Holland) Sisson
Liz with daughter Ashley Grant
and a beautifully beribboned Rachel Sisson


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