Mobility & Construction

The OFFICE™ is produced by Licensed Manufacturers of The Summerland Group, Inc.

It is built of high quality materials to exacting tolerances not normally found in wood products. Its' integrated metal and electronic components are engineered to function with full awareness of the particular requirements of electronic data and communication equipment, while simultaneously providing for conventional desk-top utility. By the time it was first introduced in the U.S., The OFFICE™ had been the product of more than four years of development, field testing and refinement. By 1996 it had been awarded International Grand Prize at the World's Trade Fair. The OFFICE™ takes into account ergonomics and efficiency--putting everything right where it should be. It is an excellent product, that both works and lasts.

All models of The OFFICE™ include the built-in Lift-and-Roll™. mechanism. These integral Lift and Roll™ devices facilitate in-house locating, or relocating of The OFFICE™, without the necessity to dismantle computer equipment.

Just shut down The OFFICE™, unplug, then insert and turn the provided key-jack which will Lift The OFFICE™, and...Roll it to itís new location. Position it, insert and turn the lifting key-jack which now lowers The OFFICE™ in place. Plug The OFFICE™ in, and youíre back in business.

The OFFICE™ CEO and Professional models are constructed of solid core, 3/4" thick mahogany plywood lumber, faced with 2-ply, hand-finished, genuine mahogany, oak or other veneers. The single-door Professional model is available in these same finishes. The Executive model offers a variety of wood, veneer and finish selections.

The OFFICE™ employs no particle board . Particle Board tends to fracture easily, self-destructs when exposed to moisture, and is not biodegradable. Particle board, also known as "wood solids" or "architectural board", while commonly used in the manufacture of decorative furniture, has insufficient durability to qualify for construction of The OFFICE™.

Storage components within the main cabin are powder coated steel. Sheet metal components, including lift devices, are fabricated from heavy guage 1018 CRS in accordance with ASTM A366. Tubing is carbon-steel D.O.M. per ASTM A513. All metal parts are electroplated for corrosion protection prior to application of final powder-coat finish.

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