Electrical Components & Operating Requirements

The OFFICE™ requires only a single 110v electrical outlet, and one telephone jack for full operation. One electrical cord and one telephone cord protrude from the back of The OFFICE™. Where there is no conventional telephone hook-up available, The OFFICE™ (with an RJ-11 or similar connector) can be used in conjunction with a cellular telephone for full operation of built-in speaker-phone, fax and modem.

All electrical components utilized in The OFFICE™ are UL rated. All wiring and connectors conform to highest industry standards and fully comply with ANSI, GSA, CSA (Canada), NEC, NEMA, NFPA, OSHA, US (Hospital Grade High-Abuse) and Southern Building Code standards and specifications for continuous 30 Amp service. Telephone and FAX wiring devices comply with FCC Part 68 Sub. Part F, EIA/TIA 569 Pathway Standard, EIA/TIA 570 and EIA/TIA 568 standards. Where applicable, compliance is also made to MIL-Spec requirements.

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