Built-in Computer Equipment Protection

CEO and Professional and Exec72 models of The OFFICE™ are equipped with automatic intake and exhaust fans, engineered to protect valuable equipment from overheating. Even if computer systems in The OFFICE™ are left on with doors closed 24 hours a day, components are maintained at correct temperatures by assuring constant airflow.

A powerful APC BackUPS™ Uninterruptable Power Supply has been incorporated into The OFFICE™ (standard equipment on some models, an option on others) in order to protect computer, monitor and other data-handling system components from power anomalies on the AC utility line. We provide that instant battery backup to prevent keyboard lockups, data loss, hard disk crashes and hardware damage, which can be caused by under-voltages, brownouts, blackouts, lightning, power surges, spikes, etc. We've gone a step further and covered data line surge suppression as well, effectively covering all potential paths to your computer equipment. APC's Power Manager™ provides 2-line (4-wire) telephone surge protection for modems, fax, and answering systems. This system has been designed to prevent "back door" damage caused by lightning induced transients. By providing this protection for The OFFICE, you are equipped with APC's Lifetime Equipment Protection policy, which provides recoverable limits of up to $25,000. in the event your computer equipment is damaged by lightning strike or power surge. The APC BackUPS™ has a 2 year warranty. (See APC's Equipment Protection Policy for complete details) There are 8 surge protected outlets in the CEO and Professional models. The Executive has 6 surge protected outlets. Multiple additional non-regulated electrical convenience outlets are sited in the main task areas and inside peripheral cabinet storage areas.

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