Practical Engineering, Safety, and Security

Design/Engineering - The adjustability of The OFFICE™'s multiple integrated work surfaces and the placement of components were subjected to rigorous design review and testing. For example, we recognized that "drop-down/ironing board" style task areas, can be potentially dangerous. Accordingly, within The OFFICE™, all work surfaces have been specifically designed to either pull-out, or lift-up.

Field-test proven equipment layout and storage locations easily meet the most demanding requirements of executives, professional computer programmers, engineers, designers, financial analysts, advertising and account execs, managers, marketing reps, brokers, agents, and accountants.

MIGA/BIB - All models* of The OFFICE™ feature a self-contained electric monitor lift. In its raised position, the lift provides the operator with a clear and uncluttered desk-top for non-computing tasks. From a switch on the illuminated control panel, the OFFICE™ operator selects MIGA, electrically elevating the monitor to "Make It Go Away" into an overhead storage cabinet, completely concealed from view. A touch of the BIB switch, enables the operator to "Bring It Back"--- returning the monitor from its concealed position. This same control function provides the ability to precisely adjust monitor height to the user's ideal viewing position. (*Laptop models -Manager-LT, etc. - offer additional shelving in lieu of MIGA/BIB housing)

Adjustable Keyboard/Mouse Platform - The tilt-enabled keyboard/mouse platform has been designed to afford maximum flexibility in function. When work is complete, the spacious keyboard/mouse desk retracts, and a unique, interlocking segment of the primary desk-top folds back to facilitate concealment and storage of the full-sized ergonomic chair inside the closed OFFICE.

Security - All armoire models are lockable!. Doors to CEO and Professional models of The OFFICE™ are inset, with no hinges accessible from the exterior, an important security feature to consider in the protection of valuable computer equipment and irreplaceable data. Doors have exceptional quality solid brass handles. The superb European style hardware, along with the sturdy locks, have been specifically selected for their quality, strength and durability.
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