Medical and Psychological Influence on Design & Engineering

The OFFICE™ is ergonomically responsible (and wheelchair accessible). Its layout has been designed to avoid working conditions which encourage repetitive stress injuries (RSI's) or cumulative trauma disorders (CTD's).

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), part of a human being's natural hibernation response, can be responsible for lethargy, weight gain, depression, difficulty in thinking clearly, and a compulsion toward high carbohydrate snacks and desserts during long hours spent in front of a computer. Treatment for SAD inludes light therapy. To forestall SAD symptoms, the interior of The OFFICE™ has been finished in an easy-care, glare resistant, matte white high-pressure laminate, designed, in concert with color-correct, adjustable lighting, to provide a positive work environment.

A wall-mounted flower vase is part of the optional desk-accessory package, while bulletin and write boards provide ample room for favorite photos as well as business reminders.

To aid in maintaining optimum user comfort and maximum productivity, CEO and Professional models of The OFFICE™ incorporate an adjustable ambient cooling system. Supplied by a powered cabin air vent, a light stream of air can be directed at the operator---a "luxury" that reduces fatigue and measurably improves performance.

There is a direct correlation between reduction of noise and improvement of task efficiency. In recognition of this finding, The OFFICE™ employs sound attenuation systems to reduce external distracting noise as well as noise generated by CPU and printers.

CEO and Professional models of The OFFICE™ offer a wall-mounted speakerphone as standard equipment. The speakerphone is an option on other models. When making notes during a long telephone conversation, an individual is frequently inclined to raise a shoulder, pressing the receiver against one ear in an attempt to free both hands for writing or typing. The speaker phone eliminates the necessity of forcing the body into this cramped, uncomfortable posture.

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