We understand lifting and lowering
From the creators of Award-Winning Pop-Up TV and The OFFICE
Summerlift equipped cabinetry products have twice been awarded
International Grand Prize at the World's Trade Fair, twice in three years.

Top 4 reasons why Summerlift is chosen over other lift mechanisms:
Silent, Doesn't Rack, Better Quality, and About 1/3 the Price of the Competition.
Engineered Lift Products - See What's NEW!
Need maximum flexibility for your cabinetry designs? Now you've got it! The NEW CL models, 4-point cable-lifts), are fully adjustable. They'll handle everything from concealing Plasma TV's in Marine applications to compact raise/lift requirements, to user-friendly retro-fit lift installations on antique cabinetry. With Summerlift CL models, you can even install your lift in adjacent cabinetry. Click for more info on the new CL models.

Used in Schools
Homes, Offices,
and Industry

Lift & Roll
We offer multiple lift styles
Summerlift is available in multiple lift styles, including configurable platforms, liftboxes, and multi-directional lifts. We offer Manual and Remote Controlled Standard, Compact, & Heavy Duty electric lifts, as well as rugged Lift & Roll mechanisms to facilitate mobility of machinery and furniture.
We manufacture superior lift products.
understand lifting and lowering. Tell us your requirements.
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With patented Summerlift™, Designers, Engineers, Architects, Furniture Builders, Fixture Manufacturers and Ergonomists now have significantly superior lift mechanisms to raise, lower, conceal, and infinitely adjust the viewing height of computers, lecterns, audio/visual equipment, TV's including plasma TV's, and more*. Superior in performance and ease of installation to scissors and rack-pinion lifts, the patented, low voltage Summerlift™ is self-contained, practical, reliable, dependable, Quiet and reasonably priced. Other products; concealed Lift & Roll for fine furnishings, etc. Summerlift™ product design team includes aerospace, automotive, and NASA mechanical, electrical and systems engineers, woodworking craftspeople, metal fabrication, material experts, and motor specialists.
*Special configurations available (up to 8’ length lift platforms & 1,600 # load).