Improperly designed chairs are considered to be the leading cause of carpal tunnel syndrome.

The OFFICE™ is designed for use with an ergonomically correct task chair. The Omnific™ chair displayed at right, which has a ten year warranty, realistically addresses the user's need for convenience, comfort, and function. The chair is the workhorse of The OFFICE™. Because of its connection with the users productivity, the chair is directly linked to the users profitability.

The chair is durable, versatile and comfortable. Integral urethane skin conforms to every pressure point in the human body, providing firm, yet pliable support that is unmatched in comfort, looks or durability. The chair has been designed to maintain a comfortable room temperature, even if you sit for hours. Individually articulating arms instantly provide mobility (both arms down) or firm support (both arms up). Each arm can also be raised independently, allowing easy access to any work surface. The chair has pneumatic height adjustment and function positioning controls. The chair is easy to maintain, too--itís stain resistant--spills just wipe off.

The ergonomic task chair with articulating arms is included as standard equipment on most models.

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