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The Magic Crystal...A delightfully engaging bedtime tale, that my 9 yr old son picked out himself...(Nice job illustrating the MAGIC CRYSTAL!! That's what sold it to him when given the choice to pick one story out) .The problems matched his life precisely..he loved it yet better even, as a single mom on disability raising my last of 7 kids ... He fell fast asleep & now I get some treasured ALONE ADULT TIME...FOR ME...FOR THE FIRST BIT OF TIME TODAY! I love my family more than anything...and delightfully I have some downtime to connect with my Creator & meditate...not medicate...& keep my sanity.
Tawny Baker -
January 2016
Dear Bedtime-Story.com,
Just a quick note of thanks for being available to quickly provide a unique story for bedtime tonight. We are very late going to bed tonight & my 6 yr old daughter asked me to tell her a story (sometimes the request is for me to sing a song or play a bedtime playlist, but a story is always preferred). I reached over & grabbed my phone, hoping that a Google search for 'bedtime story' would help to inspire one I could tell her; I assumed all I'd find would be partial excerpts that require payment before revealing the whole tale, but what an awesome surprise to come across your site and pull up a full story for her! And it was beautiful, "In the Amazon With My Pajamas On", so clever and a lovely rhyme too! She was asleep by the end & I'm afraid I would've missed the window all together had I had to get up & look through her books for one. So, thank you - from the idea's conception to what I found that helped me tonight, no doubt it has been a long road, but your site surely is a work of love and a blessing to busy parents everywhere.
Dora Aubin Georgetown, TX 78626
May 13, 2015
Dear Bedtime-Story.com,
Thank you for this great story ("Go Fly A Kite" by Steven Woodman). It's heading into Autumn down here, and the wild and windy weather was great for flying kites today. Your story was a wonderful way to finish the day as we waited for parents to pick the kindy children up. Regards from west Queensland, Australia. Gavin, from "Mitchell Kindy" (Mitchell Early Childhood Education Centre)
May 27, 2014
Dear Bedtime-Story.com, Just wanted to say I love your site. I have read every one of your stories to my fiancÚ while I was in Afghanistan, one or two per evening, to help her fall asleep. It has helped me so much, and I just wanted you all to know. Thank you . - S.G. January 11, 2014
Author Feedback: Upon learning that there was a twelve hour time difference between the U.S. editor assigned to his tale, and the artist selected to illustrate it, requiring image reviews and consultations to be conducted daily in the wee hours... (around 3AM East Coast Time), Jeff Kaufmann, author of "In The Amazon With My Pajamas On" wrote "When do you sleep???... Thank you so much for the extra effort. Words and stories are clearly your passion, so I am thankful my story can be introduced to the world through your website."
Author Feedback: What you have created has absolutely exceeded my expectations. The (interim) illustrations are perfectly marvelous and I LOVE the link to the Christmas songs, SO clever and original ! I also ADORE the final end with the wreath, Merry Christmas and Pepper and Clover. It is delightful. And putting the names of each child on their stockings, how in the world did you accomplish this ?? I am so happy and thrilled with the way the stories came out, and your wise input has enhanced the story line. The illustrations are incredible. You are truly gifted and I can't thank you enough! Cheers!! Susan Knight, author of "Christmas With The Murphys"

Dear Bedtime-Story.com,
I love all the stories you make and my Dad reads it to me. We already read about 10 of them and they were good. Keep on doing Bedtime stories. Love, Jana


It was most enjoyable and educational. Many thanks for this website - we are in the process of adding a wee bunny to our family. Regards Maria Cullen

Author Feedback: Sue Knight, author of "Josh's Spooky Adventure", "Olivia's Spine -Tingling Halloween Party" and other tales writes;, "You guys are mind readers when it comes to understanding little kids, you know that don't you?....Your [Interim Illustrations] are just perfect and I just hope you can help me find an illustrator with as much insight. You are just wonderful and I am thrilled to be a part of Bedtime-Story. Your kind words have also meant so much to me. I have received positive feedback from several magazines for my adult short stories but no one has been as responsive as you, and it means a great deal to me.....you are a wonderful soul who has done so much to inspire me, and I do realize that all of you at Bedtime are working so hard as volunteers to make Bedtime-Story.com a huge success. Please keep up the good, positive work that you are doing and know that your efforts will never go unnoticed!"


Author Feedback: Karen Bauder, author of The Imagination Plantation writes; You are the best. I love it. I have never dealt with anyone with such patience and professionalism as you. The story looks great and is presented is such a wonderful fashion. My question is, do you ever get any sleep?
Thank you again and again, Karen

Valerie Busic, author of Billy's New Home, Naptime for Benji and Petey, and Cheese Cookies for Benji & Petey, was offered her own column by the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Congratulations, Valerie!
Author Feedback: Gene Wiginton, author of Unicorn Dreams writes; "Thanks to the confidence gained when you accepted my poem, I have been published twice by The National Library of Poetry, several on-line E-Zines, have had one poem read live on-stage at The Centerfold in New York City, just off Broadway and, currently had a poem read live on New York City radio by none other than Jeff Bridges. This poem is currently being run on RealPlayer at their website at http://www.gopoetry.com under "Your Turn" and Playing with RealPlayer Video of Jeff reading it at appx. 16 mins 40 seconds into the show! I am so thrilled owe all to YOU fine people! THANK FOR MAKING MY DREAMS COME TRUE!
I just finished U.S.S Starship Treehouse. It was totally delightful!!! I am a father of two daughters, the youngest of which, at age 10, still loves me to tell her a bedtime story almost every night. The internet has been a Godsend since I ran out of my own stories years ago. I'm able to find many more creative, interesting stories like yours to keep her happy. As a parent with a daughter who loves these stories, I thank you and congratulate you. Please continue with your writing and sharing them with us. I never had cats when I was young and by the time I did, as an adult, they'd stopped talking. I do notice on occasion, however, Marie (my 10-yr-old) does spend a lot of time in conversation with her cat, Tucker. . . hmmm? Thanks, again for the wonderful stories. Rick Campbell, Rochester, Michigan
I just wanted to say thank you for hours of fun in reading to my three grandchildren. I think your short stories are so delightful and fun to read. My granddauther is eight, and she loves to sit and read to the two little ones. Once again, thank you for family time fun at bedtime. Greta Moore
Thank you so much for the story "Mommy, Make the Feather Dance", my mother died in 1974, when I was 6 and it has been a long time since I cried over it. Thank you for helping heal the wound that never leaves. Ariel
Your stories and your web site are beautiful. It's so hard to find quality material for children. It's even harder to find stories for children who have lost pets and friends or family members.(see: Stories Worth Talking About ). In February, my student Jorge died suddenly, within nine hours of meningitis. [Students read the Bedtime-Story tale, The Rainbow Bridge-for Michael at the school's memorial service for the popular fourth grader]. They loved The Rainbow Bridge so much. Again, thank you. You have and are providing a wonderful service. Sincerely, Denise Doherty - Kevin K. Coleman School - Woonsocket, RI
Super, SUPER, super web page--Kudos!!!!! - John Cegalis
WE HAVE ADDED Bedtime-Story's, "The INVENTOR" IN OUR "SITES FOR THE KID IN ALL OF US" SECTION. BEST WISHES, Shannon Peavey, Communications Coordinator The Lemelson-MIT Awards Program
I am a Kindergarten teacher at Saranac Elementary School in Saranac, NY I have designed a web page for my class, and would like to include your site as one of a number of links to educationally sound sites on the web. Thank you. Alicia Chase
Author Feedback: I would like to thank you and all of the staff that helped get my story ready to be online. I am so pleased with the result and I'm thankful for all of your suggestions and help. Adding the photos at the end was a neat idea too. You definitely put just the right touches to the story. I very much appreciate the opportunity you have given me. I will take to heart all the suggestions you have made and try to do much better in any future writing. Thank you so much. Alice
Author Feedback: Yes! Yes! You are absolutely right! I needed the critique to direct me towards the right path. I was too close to the story. It is also my first children's story, and I under-estimated the writing process. Thank you for your prompt reply. You've been a great source of inspiration. I will rewrite, add more life and logic (smile), and re-submit again. I am determined to make this story better. Shirley
Thank you for your vision, warmth and caring. My mom and dad were very special people and I pray that this beautiful place is where they now reside.Yes I guess there is a Rainbow Bridge were all those special people we knew and loved are waiting for us. God bless you - Neal
Hello. I am a foster parent in Ohio and would just like to tell you that I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face. Thank you for such a wonderful story (Billy's New Home - For Foster Children Everywhere) . I am sure it will be a real blessing for many foster families to read such a book to all children. May the Lord Bless you. Ann
I just read Billy's New Home and I LOVED it! It was so true to life! We also were foster parents for a little over 6 years and adopted two of our foster kids. I've thought about writing a childrens book about being a foster child but I never seem to find the time. Thank you for writing the book! I plan to purchase it and keep it on hand for when we start fostering again. Anne L.
Author Feedback: ...You would not believe that some people actually took the time to email me to say they enjoyed my stories. That felt like a million bucks. - Yvonne
Re Starship Treehouse: WOW! Thanks for the ride! Pam, an old Trekkie and eternal kid
Bedtime-Story is......Definitely an A-1 site to visit. -Patti Best
Thank you for sharing these lovely, gentle stories. - Joy
I lost my best friend, Molly, in Feb. and I cannot tell how comforting it was to read Rainbow Bridge. I did not read the entire version until today and I am very glad to find out who wrote it. I still cannot read it without getting tearful. I have two new puppies who are wonderful, but Molly will always have a piece of my heart and it is nice to think we will meet again. Thank you.
OH....... The story (Billy's New Home) just touched my heart.... I LOVE it. It is sooo good. All of us need to go order it at our local Christian Book stores, Barnes & Noble....etc. When orders are placed it puts the book on the shelf.
Author feedback: "I have to thank you ...I have been sending out my stories for years now, and all I seem to get back are xerox copies of rejections with no explanation. Sometimes, (as you know) they are bad copies, crooked on the page and barely readable! And there have been these kinds of letters from Major Publishing Houses. I realize they are busy and cannot respond to every writer. But again, I want to thank you for taking the time to work with me and teach me, as it were, how to become better. I will work on these.."
Author feedback: After my first story "The Dream Horse" was put online I received several emails from people who enjoyed the story. One was from a teacher in California who wanted to use it for his slow readers class. I felt humbled that it might help others. Gary
I would like to congratulate you on your site. It is a favorite of my daughter, Beth. She asks me to read her favorites, such as The King and the Cricket repeatedly. It is good to find a place on the internet that is not only safe for children, but enjoyable for them and their parents. Megan D.
I just read The Inventor this Saturday morning, Jan 2nd, at 6:00 am. My eyes are kinda teary right now, and I can hardly see the keyboard to type this reply. This story just gave me a great big hug! I enjoyed this very much. (excuse me while I get a tissue.) Oh, . . . thanks for the warmth of your big hug! Shirley W.
Had to drop a note to you to express my delight and admiration for your wonderful stories. I am a grandmother and am so impressed with the concept of this Internet site. It surely will benefit all the overly busy dual duty parents in today's hectic world. My oldest son has been working 70 hour weeks, with lots of traveling, leaving too little time for his 5 year old son. This is a worthwhile solution to keep this computer-oriented pair in touch. Keep up the good works. Jerrie K.
My name is Monica, I'm 17 and I live in West Virginia. I just wanted to tell you that I think the story Rainbow Bridge is totally awesome, and I'm totally choking back tears right now. I know how hard it is to lose a pet....I've lost several over the years. The story is really an inspiration.....and it helps sort out feelings and emotions. I can't wait until that book comes out. Keep up the good work. Much love, Monica
Incredible. I am sitting here at the Cuyahoga Public Library with tears in my eyes. I've been looking for a book like Billy's New Home for years. We have been foster parents for a very long time, and this story reminds me of one of my foster children. He went home, but he'll always be a part of our lives. When I get internet access, if I haven't seen it in the stores yet, I'll order it via internet. I would love to get this book for him for a gift and I'll be watching for this in bookstores. Thank you, Charlotte C.
Thanks for the stories! I know that my children will enjoy them, too. Tonight I read them for my own bedtime stories. Maybe we read bedtime stories to our children as much for ourselves as for them. My dreams are always better if I've had a good story before I sleep. Again, thank you! Joe S.
Great Story. The Cat Who Cried Oh-Wow! - Amy F.
Author Feedback: I cannot thank you enough for your input - you are right of course, and I'm on my way back to the drawing board now, I just wanted to tell you how very grateful I am for your time. You won't hear from me again until the story is Paramount material. Most sincerely, S.D.
Author Feedback: I just saw my story. I love the illustrations! Also, my mother was very impressed. (And she's not the kind of person who thinks everything is wonderful, just because I'm her child. Only, mostly everything)Thank you for doing a fine job bringing my story to life. I'm glad to be associated with your website. Angela T.
I work for Girl Scouts of Gulf Pines Council in South Mississippi. One of the programs we are presenting this year is called "Read to Lead". We serve about 5000 girls in a program durning the school day. We are using short stories with this program. I came across your web site. It is wonderful!!! Everyone in our office who has children is going straight home and put this on as one of their favorites. Diane W.
My cat never came when I whistled and called all day and night yesterday, after he went out to relieve himself. And this morning I knocked on doors and people opened their sheds and cellars, just in case he got trapped. I held out hope for more than 24 hrs. Finally, my husband came in and said he found Sammy, but he was not alive. I didn't hear the last part of the sentence, and looked down, looked up and around, and asked where he was. My husband's face said it all. He was only 20 ft from the house by the garage, dead since yesterday he said, apparently of a bad injury. He must have been run over because his front leg was badly broken, but no other injuries were apparent. I am grieving terribly and I am 40 years old. He was everything to me. I never raised a child, but laughed when I told others I was staying home to raise my cat right. I am disabled, and he was my constant companion. He hesitated when he went out+ADs- I had to give him a gentle nudge because I knew he needed to go but he sat on the sidewalk and looked wistfully at me instead of heading for his spot. It was as if he didn't want to say goodbye. My friend sent me a link to The Rainbow Bridge for Michael story, my 52 year old friend who knew I was grieving like a child. I thought I was through crying hard and from the heart until I read about the Rainbow Bridge. I have asked Jesus for their to be such a place. At this time in my life Sammy is the only one that I know that I really hope will be there to greet me. I prayed earlier, before I read this, for their to be heaven for pets. I know he had feelings, so I think he carried a soul.
Thank you for helping me deal with my loss. I won't forget it when someone else is grieving for a pet.
Lisa A.
I just finished reading "The Rainbow Bridge for Michael". I am sitting here holding my dog and typing this through misty contacts. Thank you.
Karen S. California
I have found this site one of the best and most family friendly sites I have visited in my four-plus, years of using the internet. I would like you to know that I have submitted your site to Apple Computer for review and, hopefully, inclusion in their iReview portion of their web site. I feel that this is a site that anyone should have on their toolbar for everyday use by all who use their computers.
Stephen H.
I just finished reading the AG Bear stories that are posted on the bed time stories site. I think they are wonderful. I dearly remember the many hours I spent playing with my teddy bears, esp one blue shirted AG Bear. Actually, he now resides on my bed here at college. When I was little, I gave him the name Alexander Grahm Bear, and Alex he remains to this day. He isn't as pretty as the one in the pictures on the site. His fur is matted and most of the fuzz has been worn off of his nose. The cordoroy on his shirt has "lost its treads" to quote Billy from Family Circus. But he has been well loved for many years. Again thank you for the stories. I plan to share them with my 17 year old sister who also still has her AG Bear.
Laura, from Ohio Northern University
Just to say "thank you" for the fun you have given us and our 7 year old daughter, Lauren. It is so hard to find different stories for children, which are not scary or frightening in any way, and in which good always triumphs over evil. It will take us a long time for us to read all of them, and then it will be time to start all over again. You may like to know that Lauren's particular favourite is "The Pig Who Wanted To Fly", I know that I am not alone in crying buckets of tears over some of your stories - "Rainbow Bridge..." for one. Keep up the good work. From Linda, Andy and Lauren Fisher Swindon Wiltshire UK

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