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In The Amazon With My Pajamas On


“I’m in the Amazon with my pajamas on!”


Said a little blonde boy as he stood

In a forest of trees, which was all he could see,

As he perched on a big pile of wood.

He said with some dread, “I should be in bed!

So how did I ever get here?”

"This isn’t my room," he thought with some gloom,

And he walked out into the clear.

This young boy had found there were trees all around

And the stars were bright in the sky.


“If I could have wings,” (he wished for these things)

“Then straight out of here I could fly.”

“I’d fly out of this place with a smile on my face,

And I’d fly ‘til I landed in bed.”

But this couldn’t be true, the little boy knew

That he’d just have to walk out instead.

So he marched through the trees,

past some snakes and some bees,

‘Til he came to a fast flowing stream.

“On this stream I could ride to the ocean’s high tide,

And from there, I’d go home, it would seem.”

“But I don’t have a boat, so how will I float,

And have this stream take me out to sea?

Here I will stand, with my feet on dry land,

How I wish this would work out for me!”

He walked on some more,

across the green, mossy floor,

Of the jungle he’d found himself in,

‘Til he came to a shed, painted purple and red,

With a window, and a roof made of tin.

Inside was a cat with a furry, brown hat,

The King of the Jungle he was.

Alone, it would seem, to be was his dream

For he liked it this way, just because.

Well, the boy went to see if by chance there would be

Someone home who could help him this night.

So he knocked on the door, and heard feet cross the floor,

Then the door swung out with a fright.

“Alone I must be!! O’ couldn’t you see,

The signs I have all ‘round all this place?”

“Stay away! Stand Clear! Please, Stay out of here!”

Said the King to the sad little face.

The little boy cried, because he’d only just tried

To find help to get back to his bed.

When the King saw his tears, he said,

“Do calm your fears"

"Please come in and sit down instead.”

So they talked for a while, and the little boy smiled,

For the King said he’d help with his quest

To return him once more to the rug on his floor

In the bedroom that he loved the best.

As they set out from there, the King didn’t care

That he was leaving his fine little shed.

It was so plain to see that this little boy’s need

Was to get back to his cozy, warm bed.

Now the King and the boy were quite filled with joy

As they ventured throughout the long night

Through the forest of trees,

past some snakes and some bees

To return him to bed, wrapped up tight.

After an hour or more it became too tough a chore,

And the little boy stopped in his tracks.

“We’ve been walking so long, and my legs are not strong,

Oh please, may I ride on your back?”

With a nod of his head, the King said, “Make it your bed.

I can see that your legs are not strong.”

“Lie down. Take a rest, for this may be best,

I will take you to where you belong.”

So their journey pressed on, with the boy lain upon

The King’s back as they passed a big stream.

“I’m beginning to think, we’re approaching the brink,

Of the edge of my kingdom, it seems.”

The King’s hunch proved true, from the sights, he just knew

That the boy was approaching his goal,

To be back in his bed, with dreams filling his head

At the end of this journey, so bold.

Up ahead where they stood was a big pile of wood,

And beyond there appeared a small light.

So the King moved in slow, to find what he could know

Of this thing he could see through the night.

At last he could see, a small bed by a tree


And a flame from a candle, so dim.

His heart filled with joy, for he knew that the boy

Would be glad he had ventured with him.

With the goal now achieved, the King felt relieved

That the journey had come to its end.

In his eye did appear, a very small tear

For this boy had become his best friend.

He'd wandered through the Amazon, with his pajamas on,

And was now safely tucked in his bed.

Their journey complete, the King yawned, (he was beat!).

The boy smiled as sweet dreams filled his head.

Weary paws on the bed, the King lay down his head

On the pillow right next to the boy.

In his heart he was glad ‘cause the time that they’d had

Was the best he had ever enjoyed.


In The Amazon With My Pajamas On
by Jeff Kaufmann
Copyright 2013 - All Rights Reserved

About the Author: At the time this tale was submitted, Jeff Kaufmann was 42 years old, a husband, and a father of 5 awesome kids. Jeff tells us, "I am a life-long resident of Woodstock, IL, a small suburb of the suburbs outside of Chicago. Our little town was made famous when the classic film, "Groundhog Day" was filmed here in the early 1990's. Writing has always been a secret passion of mine...journals, stories, poems, etc. This story was born out of the trips my 4 year old son (who is now 13) would make to our bedside in the middle of the night. As a steady routine, he would come in to our room late at night and all he would say is..."Daddy?" I would wake up and then simply carry him back to bed, and he'd stay asleep until morning. However, in the morning, when I asked him why he had come in to our room, he would have no recollection of doing it. So, there began my wonder into what those little trips to our room could possibly be like for him in his dream-filled state of sleep." You may write to Jeff Kaufmann at

About the Illustrator: These wonderful illustrations were created by Maycee Ann Reyes, one of the newest members of the Bedtime-Story team. In addition to being a talented artist, Maycee also holds a degree in Computer Science.

Learning Adventures & Story Vocabulary:

The Amazon Jungle, also known as the Amazon Rainforest, is a really really really big place filled with rare and wonderful tropical trees and flowers and a totally amazing variety of wild animals and amphibians (am-FIB-ee-unz) such as frogs. There are reptiles (such as snakes and alligators) and fish, and of course insects (such as butterflies and bees and mosquitos and spiders) and incredibly beautiful birds. The Amazon Jungle is also known as a moist broadleaf forest (that means it rains a whole heck of a lot there). How BIG is the Amazon Jungle? Seriously big. Two MILLION, One Hundred Thousand (2,100,000) square MIILES of South America are covered by the Amazon Jungle. This region includes territory belonging to nine separate nations. The majority of the forest is contained within the country of Brazil, which has 60% of the rainforest, followed by Peru with 13% of the rainforest, Colombia with 10%, and with minor amounts in Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana.

Did you know that Scientists estimate that more than half of all the world's plant and animal species live in tropical rain forests?. The plants and trees in the tropical rainforests produce 40% of Earth's oxygen. We all breathe oxygen. This means all of us need to take very good care of the earth's rainforests, and not let anyone chop down those trees. The Amazon River in South America winds its way through the jungle, and it is the second longest river in the whole world. The Amazon river has a huge waterflow (it's also the largest) with an average discharge (where the water comes out) greater than the next seven largest rivers combined! Click on the blue link for photos of some of the amazing things which can be seen in The Amazon Jungle

Would you like to see where the Amazon Jungle is on a map that also shows where YOU live?
Here's the MAP.


BRINK: An extreme edge of land before a steep or vertical slope, or, a sloping bit of land leading down to a body of water, (often slippery). (You remember the cat King saying "
I’m beginning to think, we’re approaching the brink, Of the edge of my kingdom, it seems.”) That sounds as if perhaps his Kingdom goes all the way to where the jungle ends and the land slopes (slides) down to the muddy banks of the mighty Amazon River. (Click on that blue link to see a really cool picture of it) The Amazon river is approximately Three Thousand Seven Hundred (3,700) MILES long!


HUNCH: A very strong feeling that something is correct, or that you should do something in particular. For example; I have a hunch you're going to want to read ANOTHER Bedtime-Story!


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