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The Goggle-Eyed Green Hairy Monster Returns

The wind was blowing late one night
and rain came pouring down
as Grandma, Mom, and Dad, and I
went driving out of town

I sat in back with Grandma
and we snuggled to keep warm
we wrapped ourselves in blankets
and felt safe from all the storm

But over next to Grandma
as a great surprise to me
was my friendly furry monster
sitting looking back at me!

"It's time for bed," my monster said,
"now close your little eyes.
I have a big adventure planned
I'm sure you'll be surprised!"

I must have gone to dreamland
but I laughed and shook my head

because Daddy wasn't driving
now my monster was instead!

I hopped up front and yelped
for we were headed towards the trees
but they kindly moved aside
because we said, "Excuse us, please."

We took off through the forest
and then rose into the sky
My monster said,
"In Dreamland, Willie,
anything can fly!"

We flew beyond the stormy clouds
beyond the moon and stars
My monster waved to all his friends
on Jupiter and Mars

And when at last we floated down
to where the rainbow ends
People gathered round and said,
"We are your Dreamland friends."

A woman with a lovely smile
and eyes that sparkled blue
said, "If you will listen carefully,
I'll teach you something new."

"It really is quite simple,"
the woman said to me,
"anything you can imagine,
that's the thing that you can be."

"You can be a mighty giant
or a tiny grain of sand,

You can even be a monster
if you only THINK you can!"

My monster said,
"Now think of something
fun to be or do,
then watch and see what happens,
I'll be waiting here for you."

So I thought I'd like to be a cat
and suddenly I was
I even made meowing sounds
the way a real one does!

I turned into an earthworm
and went wiggling through the dirt
'til a bluebird came and dug me up
and ate me for dessert!

I turned into a raindrop
that was falling to the ground
and I landed in a river
that went running through a town

I went splashing over pebbles
as the sun shown down on me
and I tumbled down a waterfall
and laughed out loud with glee!

I thought myself into a king
and rode about the town
I wore a purple velvet robe
and shiny golden crown

The people brought me lovely things
like fruit and bubble gum
and I gave them each a silver coin
and thanked them one by one

I turned into an elephant
with yellow polka-dots

I turned into a leopard
with great big orange spots

I thought myself into a whale
and swam across the sea
and then I turned

into MYSELF!
because I'M
fun to be!

"We must be off," my monster said
and so we said good-bye
and then we hopped into the car
and drove into the sky

As quickly as we'd left before
I found that we'd returned
and as I lay in Grandma's arms
I thought of what I'd learned

My monster whispered in my ear,
"We'll play tomorrow night!"

and then he waved his furry hand
and disappeared from sight

The Goggle Eyed Green Hairy Monster Returns by Laura Shanley
Copyright 1997 - All Rights Reserved

About the Author:

Laura Kaplan Shanley is an author and freelance writer in Arvada, Colorado. She is best known for her 1994 book, UNASSISTED CHILDBIRTH. School children have been enjoying Laura's stories and poems for many years, and her autobiographical poem LAURA RUTH HAS LOST A TOOTH appeared in the magazine CHILDREN'S PLAYMATE. You may reach Laura Kaplan Shanley at: Don't forget to read the original story,
The Goggle-Eyed Green Hairy Monster And Me.

About the Illustrator:

In addition to being a talented artist, Jeff Meyers is also a talented writer who makes his home in South Carolina. Jeff enjoys writing fiction for all ages and has been drawing and painting all his life. His artwork includes cartoons, illustrations, computer graphics, and still life drawings. When he's not working at his computer, Jeff spends time with his wife and two children making as many trips to the beach as they can. Contact Jeff at or visit his new website:

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