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The Goggle-Eyed Green Hairy Monster And Me

Very very late one night
after my mommy
had turned off the light
and the house was quiet
as quiet could be
and everyone seemed to be sleeping...
but me

the monster crept out
from under the bed
first his hand...
then his foot...
then his goggle-eyed head!

His face was the scariest
I'd ever seen
There were scars on his forehead
from just being mean
He was covered with hair
from his head to his feet
Not the sort of a fellow
a boy likes to meet!

But as I was lying
curled up in my bed
the covers pulled all the way
over my head
I wondered just why
he was scary and mean
and if it was hard
to be hairy and green

Perhaps he was lonely
and wanted to play
but the way that he looked
frightened people away
Perhaps if I liked him
he might like me too
I thought to myself
as my confidence grew

So ever so slowly
I poked out my head

and looked at him calmly
then boldly I said,

"My name is Willie,
have you come to play?
Are you feeling all right?
Have you had a bad day?"

I think that poor monster
was downright surprised
as he sat down beside me
with tears in his eyes

"I'm feeling quite lonely,"
he said with a smile,
"I hope you don't mind
if I stay for a while."

So I jumped on his back
and he gave me a ride
He showed me the places
where he liked to hide
The back of my closet
where nobody looks
The trunk in the attic
behind the old books

We climbed out the window
and played in the trees

We hung up-side-down
on a branch from our knees

We lay in the grass
and gazed up at the moon
that floated above
like a golden balloon

And then as the sun
was beginning to rise
we climbed in the window
and whispered good-byes

"Sweet dreams," said the monster,
"I'll be back tonight!"
And then as I watched him
he faded from sight

Do you have a monster
who frightens you too?
Just give him your love

That's the best thing to do!

The Goggle Eyed Green Hairy Monster And Me by Laura Shanley
Copyright 1997 - All Rights Reserved

About the Author:

Laura Kaplan Shanley is an author and freelance writer in Arvada, Colorado. She is best known for her 1994 book, UNASSISTED CHILDBIRTH. School children have been enjoying Laura's stories and poems for many years, and her autobiographical poem LAURA RUTH HAS LOST A TOOTH appeared in the magazine CHILDREN'S PLAYMATE. You may reach Laura Kaplan Shanley at:
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About the Illustrator:

In addition to being a talented artist, Jeff Meyers is also a talented writer who makes his home in South Carolina. Jeff enjoys writing fiction for all ages and has been drawing and painting all his life. His artwork includes cartoons, illustrations, computer graphics, and still life drawings. When he's not working at his computer, Jeff spends time with his wife and two children making as many trips to the beach as they can. Contact Jeff at or visit his new website:

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