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Cecily Harper Mitchell

Cecily Small and The Rainy Day Adventure
Published fall 1995. (formerly out of print but now Amazon has some copies)
ASIN: 0836207475

Cecily Small's doll collection comes to life one rainy day. She dances and sings with the dolls, and helps them build a toy town. At the end of the day, they introduce her to their queen, who as it happens, turns out to be Cecily's dollmaker mother. Charming, imaginative illustrations.

Below: Illustrations from: The Ragdoll
by Yvonne Augustin
, Illustrated by Cecily Harper Mitchell

The Ragdoll is featured under Stories Worth Talking About at Bedtime-Story.

10 year old Krissie is heartbroken. Her father has just gotten a major promotion and the family has to move to Chicago. To lessen the child's sorrow at having to leave friends and family behind, Krissie's grandmother gives her a well-worn little rag doll named Eugene. The Ragdoll has been treasured and passed down by the women in their family since the era of slavery. Krissie's grandmother gently relates the story of her own ancestor, child of a slave. The child's mother had been told that her little girl was going to be sold and sent away, because the family who owned the slaves had fallen on hard times. The Ragdoll, made with love by the child's mother, was hastily thrust into the child's hands as the little girl was loaded into a wagon. The Ragdoll became all the child had left to remember her family by.
Wonderful story, wonderful illustrations.

About the Illustrator:

Cecily Harper Mitchell, trained in art at the Cal Arts Institute, has worked as an inker, painter, and special-effects artist for various animation studios. She inherits her talent from her father, who was an animator on Snow White and Bambi, and from her mother, who was a comic book writer. In addition to her own book projects, Ms. Mitchell is a freelance illustrator who is always on the lookout for new and interesting projects. Among this talented Author/Illustrator's credits is the charming hardcover picture book "Cecily Small and The Rainy Day Adventure" (author/illustrator) , and illustrations for The Ragdoll, featured at Bedtime-Story. Contact Cecily Harper Mitchell at

Sharon Campbell 717 Azalea Drive DeSoto, Texas 75115 (972) 230-6915 (Home) (214) 651-5482 (Offi (214) 200-0371 (fax)

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