Members of the Republican party are looking and sounding more and more like Islamic religious extremists.

Women in strict Islamic countries are bereft of the type of rights women in America have grown up with. For example, women and girls are not allowed to go anywhere without a chaperone. They are not allowed to date, and are not free to marry whom they choose. They are not permitted to smoke or drink or dance. When in public, they must wear a burqua/abaya to cover their entire bodies. Morality police enforce the dress code by striking errant women with sticks. Women are not allowed to reveal their looks to anyone but their husband or approved family members. They are not permitted to board a bus in the front, they have a rear door they must use. They are not allowed to drive a car, sail a boat or fly a plane. Most are denied all but basic educations and are not permitted to have careers. They are expected to clean, cook, bear children and be subservient to their husbands. They are not allowed to vote.

And in order for a woman to prove rape, four adult males of "impeccable" character must have witnessed it.

In America, in 2011, in the 50 states combined, Republican legislators introduced more than 1,100 reproductive health and rights-related provisions intended to restrict, repeal, or deny women's rights.

On the Federal level, since January 2011, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives has voted 55 times on bills to undermine women’s health, roll back women’s rights, and defund programs and institutions that provide support for women.

That's more than one vote a week, directly attacking women's rights.

The GOP apparently refuses to understand that American women are simply NOT going to allow government to strip away the rights we’ve been living with for decades.

Tell the GOP exactly what you think about their anti-women platform. Do it in the voting booth.

Tell them this.......




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