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The SS Obtuse Has Sunk

Excerpts from Mitt, Lies and Videotape September 18, 2012 By John Liming

I have to admit that when I heard the news that somebody had gotten hold of a secret video of Mitt Romney telling a group of supporters that most Obama supporters and nearly half of all Americans believe they are entitled to have the government take care of them and that they are not responsible for their own lives, well – - – I have to admit that I got a little pissed off!


I guess I am not alone in rebelling against being told that I am some kind of freeloader on the system because I am retired now, no longer working and living off the Social Security [the EARNED BENEFIT] that I paid into all my life and taking advantage of the free medical care offered at The Veteran’s Administration Medical Center because I am an honorably-discharged veteran of military service during what has come to be known as the “Vietnam Era.”

I don’t pay income taxes any more because I do not make the minimum amount of money that is required to be earned for income tax purposes – - – but I sure as Hell pay plenty of sales taxes and fees on almost everything else – - – so I am wondering where this guy gets off with this kind of comment about nearly half the country who also do not pay income taxes because they are forced to work some crummy low-paying job and simply do not make enough to pay the damned income taxes – - – and these struggling citizens are supposed to be some kind of “Free Loaders?”


“How can anyone who so casually writes nearly half the population off as some kind of lazy freeloaders who think they are entitled to live on government handouts and who speaks about it so openly ever be effective as President of The United States?


You know – - – when you think about it – - – what about all those giant corporations who pay no taxes?

Who is supporting THEM, and who are THEY supporting?

Does the fact that they pay zero taxes also make THEM freeloaders who live off government handouts?

I mean after all, they are “People” aren’t they? The famous “Corporations are people too, my friend…”

Are THESE included in the 47% the candidate was speaking about?

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