I'll take Terminal Stupidity for $200.

"...conservative voters have been getting the wool pulled over their eyes for years and it's not only affecting them, but the entire country"..

The general stigma and opinion of the majority of the American people is that the Republican party and their policies favor the wealthy.

If so many people believe that a particular political party has only a small elite in their best interest, why do so many still continue to vote for them?

A question needs to be asked, why do working class, low and middle income families, continue to support a party that gives little to no benefit to them?

A New York Times/CBS News poll was released last October and showed that 70% of all Americans believed that the policies of congressional Republicans favored the rich.

In addition to the backlash towards congressional Republicans, two-thirds of Americans actually disapprove of continuing tax cuts for corporations and millionaires.

It makes economic sense for the wealthiest Americans to vote for the Republican party because they want to protect their own private finances, without giving others the chance for more upward mobility.

What makes people scratch their head is the idea of a working class family, making $50,000 a year, voting for a party that continues to give tax breaks to the wealthy and paying for it by cutting the programs that benefit the lower and middle class income families.