A Bedtime Story With A VERY Scary Ending


ONCE UPON A TIME, a man by the name of Mitt Romney, had a HUGE mansion in Utah and lots of other states, including Massachusetts (you can never have too many HUGE mansions).

At any rate, back in 1999 and 2000 when he was in Utah getting lots of your tax money from the Federal Government to fix the Olympic Games, he learned that by declaring himself a Utah resident, and signing and filing his income tax returns as a resident of Utah, (rather than a Massachusetts resident which has higher taxes), he could save himself about $54,000.on his taxes.

The problem is that when he returned to Massachusetts, he wanted to run for Governor. Massachusetts has a law requiring that candidates be full time residents of the state for the previous 7 years in order to run for office in the state. So gubernatorial candidate Mitt Romney simply lied to everybody and told them that he had paid taxes as a resident of Massachusetts. Then he stonewalled anybody who questioned him.

Then when proof that he was lying was actually uncovered, he said it was an accident, he hadn't been paying attention when he signed his income tax form, somebody made a mistake in the property appraisers office, the dog ate his homework, and he would correct that inadvertant error by refiling his taxes RETROACTIVELY, this time as a resident of Massachusetts.

Later, when asked for proof that he had actually done that (a copy of his amended tax return showing domicile, with financial data redacted was requested) he told everybody "You're going to have to take my word for it".

And because he is very very very very wealthy, a judge said golly gee whiz, this sort of thing could have happened to just about anybody, and why yes, Mr. Romney certainly did know enough influential people and there was no question that he had more than enough money to buy the Governors mansion. So that is what he did. And he lived happily ever after.

Until he woke up one day and said that he wanted to be President and had decided that he would buy the White House.

Nighty-night, boys and girls.