The "Perfect" Mitt Romney
Right Out of Central Casting


When you think perfection, does Mitt Romney come immediately to mind? If not, it should…at least according to Fox News’ Kimberly Guilfoyle.

"He just seemed very presidential. I had like a moment on the floor where I was looking up at him and you see the big banners in the background and the pictures of him and you thought ‘wow, if you went to central casting you couldn’t pick a better guy that looked presidential, sounded strong and steady.’ I think there’s been kind of a reaction from the public until now that, listen, this guy is almost too perfect, the family looks perfect, like all the kids when they came out on stage. Is it such a bad thing to choose perfect? Like, why fault the man because he’s qualified and because he sounds good and he’s strong and steady and he’s not a showman. He just wants to get the job done."

What fascinates me about Guilfoyle’s remark, aside from the breathtaking ignorance it takes to make such a remark, is knowing that she believes every word of it.

I have little doubt that when she looked up from the floor of the Tampa arena and saw Mitt up there delivering his acceptance speech, she truly saw perfection. The lies, the bullshit, the phoniness, the cluelessness, the utter lack of principles and inner convictions, the complete disregard for the 99 percent who don’t have a million dollars stashed away in a savings account, the contempt for the poor and elderly neatly veiled behind empty platitudes of compassion …none of that was visible to Guilfoyle. All she saw was a financially successful man with nice hair…and a political affiliation whose label does not start with the letter ‘D’. Nothing else really mattered because life in a bubble does not require anything more.

If the gauge by which we judge the qualities of a leader is wealth, than yes, Mitt is Mr. Perfect. But by any other evaluation metric, Romney is little more than a rich guy whose entire life has been based on doing what he must to get what he wants.


SOURCE: The “Perfect” Mitt Romney
September 4, 2012 By mario piperni - Seniors For A Democratic Society