Bain Capital/MITT ROMNEY (51% controlling owner)

American workers are pleading with Romney to save their jobs.

In response, Romney, who owns 51% of Bain Capital, ignores the workers, lies to America, and insists that he has nothing to do with Bain Capital anymore (but Romney's tax returns show that he gets more than $400,000 a week from Bain investments).

Meanwhile, the Romney Campaign keeps running ads decrying the loss of jobs to China, saying "it's time to stand up to the cheaters and make sure we protect jobs for the American people."

We agree.

Since the Romney Campaign is making China an issue, do you think that maybe he'll get asked about his investment in Sensata at one of the debates?

The workers in Freeport certainly hope so.

They are so angry with Mitt Romney that they've set up a tent city right across from the factory, called "Bainport."

Sensata workers and Freeport, Illinois community leaders have been taking turns sleeping in the tent city for almost three weeks. They've vowed to camp out until Mitt Romney comes to Freeport and puts his money where his ads have been and speaks out against the outsourcing of their jobs to China.

It's likely to be a long, long, wait. The only time Mitt Romney is willing to be parted from his money is if it's hidden in Swiss Bank accounts or the Cayman Islands.

The Freeport plant, which makes electronic sensors for the auto industry, is set to close sometime in November.

Yes, you read that right: they make auto parts, and are about to have their jobs shipped to China by a company created and controlled by Bain Capital for the express purpose of "harvesting profits" for Mitt Romney and his Bain Capital investors.

Bain Capital/MITT ROMNEY even flew the Chinese in and forced American factory workers to train their outsourcing replacements.

America does NOT want a job outsourcer as president.


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