Mitt Romney said Tuesday he has no plans to push for legislation limiting abortion, a softer stance from a candidate who has said he would "get rid of" funding for Planned Parenthood and appoint a Supreme Court which would overturn Roe v. Wade.

“There’s no legislation with regards to abortion that I’m familiar with that would become part of my agenda,” the Republican presidential nominee told The Des Moines Register in an interview.

This is what, in the legal profession, is colorfully known as "weasel wording". The technique is a favorite of less than ethical used car salesmen.

In actuality, it's simply another Romney lie, from a man who has left the country with their jaws agape at the staggering mountain of bald faced lies Mr. Romney continues to present us with.

Mrs. Romney, in what can only be thought of as a recent Freudian slip, said that if Mr. Romney were to be elected, her primary concern would be for his mental health.

The rest of us have identified Mr. Romney's compulsive lying as a pre-existing condition.

And we're not insured for it.