The Deficit clock behind the podium at the August 2012 RNC convention
is pure smoke and mirrors stagecraft. No explanations are forthcoming.
No solutions are proffered.
So let's look at this logically.
WHAT are the biggest contributors to that deficit?

WHO is responsible?
The Bush/Cheney administration took office with a huge budget surplus,
led us intoTWO wars on false pretenses, and sqandered MORE of that surplus on Tax Cuts for the Wealthy.

WHY are these numbers are still climbing?
Because regardless of what Bush's successor did to rein in the deficit and help the country,
the Republican Congress deliberately conspired to block it, regardless of the damage to the country.

" President Obama made the case Wednesday for slowing the rapid growth of the national debt while retaining core Democratic values, proposing a mix of long-term spending cuts, tax increases and changes to social welfare programs as his opening position in a fierce partisan budget battle over the nationís fiscal challenges."
New York Times

"The spending blueprint being sent to Congress for the fiscal year that begins Oct. 1 reflects the administrationís struggle to boost the economy and job growth -- both top concerns of voters -- while tightening the governmentís belt to reduce deficits in the years ahead." - Bloomberg

The budget proposal "reflects the stark reality of what we've inherited: a trillion-dollar deficit, a financial crisis and a costly recession," Obama said. He warned off lobbyists and other critics, who, he said, "are gearing up for a fight as we speak." - Washington Post