For you voters who are not yet certain:

Use your minds and your memories.

REMEMBER where the stock market was 4 years ago at this time.

REMEMBER the millions of jobs which were lost during the last year of the Bush presidency.

REMEMBER which party led us into a war with half-truths, and out and out lies.

REMEMBER what Iraq (and Afghanistan) have cost this country, both in lives lost, and treasure wasted.

REMEMBER losing 40% of your wealth to a gaggle of greedy Wall Street manipulators and especially REMEMBER that gaggle coming to YOU for a hand out, to right their sinking ship.

REMEMBER the bonuses the greedy CEOs demanded once they stole your money.

REMEMBER the reason why President Obama was so challenged at every turn by this obstructionist Congress.

REMEMBER the record set by the U.S. Senate for filibusters against any legislation that might have lessened America's pain.

REMEMBER the Tea Party demonstrators with the Hitler moustache painted on their Obama posters.

REMEMBER the moronic imbeciles like Michele Bachmann, Steve King, Louis Gohmert, Virginia Foxx and Allen West, and what it is that they stand for.

And above all, REMEMBER which political party would rather see you in pain than give Barack Obama even a small legislative victory.

Vote, people, for God's sake vote!!

And use your minds and your memories when you do it!!!

About the Author

Professor Bill Davis is a retired college professor.
He taught media studies at Webster University in St. Louis. He also taught in Vienna for a bit.
He's a Jazz drummer, and he's having a ball with it.
He performs regularly on Wednesday nights at Stoney's in Estero, Florida. Stop by to hear him play.
He's also a flyfishing nut.


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