a patented, engineered product

Summerlift is a significant breakthrough in lift & lower technology.

Summerlift™ is the first low-voltage high torque lift designed for near-silent raising and lowering of up to 200 pounds with 45"+ travel range (standard configuration). Precise positioning control, automatic dynamic braking and uneven load management are just the beginning.

Summerlift™ was designed and developed using the highest reliability drive with engineered, geared, power transmission to produce extremely smooth load transition to move even sensitive equipment through a vertical range up to 60 inches at variable rates of speed - - tailored to each application.

Summerlift™ is self-contained. All components are contained within its 5 " height powder-coated, heavy weight sheet metal lift platform. 26 1/8 "w in length, 20" in width, the lift platform upper surface holds computer monitors and CPU, or television.

Lifting belts (2,000 lb. non-stretch rating) from four points secure to cabinetry or frame. Woven belts are internally capstan reel contained; guide rollers are incorporated within the lift platform.


Summerlift electrical system includes a 5 year-life battery with integrated float charging system, travel limit switches, lift-lower control switches and, locking key-switch for system security.

Summerlift™ adapts to a variety of installation applications. Product assembly benefits include easy mounting fastening with a range of conventional systems and hardware.

We’ll help with system integration and design. We’ll even show how to conceal wiring internally within cabinetry utilizing patented Fibercore®.

Summerlift™ systems are weather sealed. Indoors or outdoors, they provide reliable, economical, safe and facile solutions to raising/lowering.

The range of application opportunities is unlimited.