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  • Summerlift is a significant breakthrough in lift & lower technology. 
  • Summerlift is a low-voltage high torque electrically powered lift designed for near-silent raising and lowering of up to 200 pounds. Precise height positioning, automatic dynamic braking and uneven load management are just the beginning. 

  • Summerlift was designed and developed using the highest reliability drive with engineered, geared, power transmission to produce extremely smooth load raising and lowering to move even sensitive equipment. 

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    Set Up & Use

    Summerlift is shipped ready to operate.

    To energize, turn key switch to the right. To test, touch the rocker switch control in one direction and then the other. NOTE: the Summerlift straps must be fully unwound prior to installation of the lift platform. The Summerlift unit arrives with all four belts fully extended. AFTER TESTING, BE CERTAIN TO RETURN THE BELTS TO THEIR FULLY EXTENDED POSITION PRIOR TO COMMENCING INSTALLATION.

    To test a remote control - equipped Summerlift touch “A” and then “B” on the “clicker”.

    Step by Step

    The Battery Float harger 
    Plug the cube portion into a 110v AC outlet and the connector at the end of the 6’ cord into the female connector located at the left rear of the platform top. When charging, an LED on the face of the “cube” glows. The battery charger will operate when needed; e.g. the LED will light as the battery is charging. When fully charged, the light will go off.
    If needed, (or if more convenient), the float charger connector at the platform top may be relocated to an under platform position. Remove the top ring and drop the connector down. Reinsert the cord connector and SECURE WITH ELECTRICAL TAPE TO ASSURE CONTINUITY.
    Front & Back
    The front of the Summerlift has the magnetic upper limit switch and a shaft-end hole. The back of the platform has no holes. Each side has a mounting plate for securing cabinetry that will raise and lower with the lift.
    Components that came with the Summerlift
  • The two long screws are for fastening the key switch
  • The short screws are for the included strap retainers
  • The magnet and stainless steel screw are for the upper limit switch

  • The Magic Sliders are to permit the lift platform to slide up and down within your cabinetry. Two are inserted on the front face of the Summerlift platform; two are fixed to the outside of each side and back of the carrier cabinetry that raises and lowers with the platform.

    The following sections make reference to “outer shell” and “carrier”. The outer shell is that portion of the cabinetry that is exposed; the carrier is the portion that rises with the lift.
    The cabinetry into which Summerlift is installed has two basic components:
    1.The outer shell to which the lift straps are fastened and,

    2.The Carrier which has two sides and a back – and is fastened to the lift platform.

    Fit of components is important. The carrier should clear the inside of the outer shell by ¼”(front/sides and back) in order to provide smooth action during lifting and lowering. We strongly suggest the use of multi-ply plywood for strength. Since the carrier slides within the outer shell, be careful to assure that fastenings do not project into the areas within which the carrier will move.

    The carrier is secured to the lift platform. Note that the lifting belts exit the lift under the rollers and pass upwards along the sides of the carrier. The belts are secured to the inside of the outer shell.

    Installation into existing cabinetry (modifying a cabinet)
    Creation of an inner box to serve as the “outer shell” may be accomplished by adding one or more sides as shown above.
    Installing the Lift 

    Step 1

    Before inserting the lift into the outer shell, verify that the platform is enabled to rest on either the bottom of the cabinet or on “cleats” such that it is level in its “down” position. Install the Magic Sliders on the front of the lift.
    Lower the lift into the outer shell while keeping the straps above the platform surface.
    Position the lift so its front is in contact with the front of the outer shell.

    Verify that the lift platform is level.

    Pull one strap at a time straight up above the center of each roller and secure the strap (temporary) with a short staple (1/4”), tape etc..

    Verify that the centerline distance between the straps at the top is the same as the center-to-center distance between the rollers at the bottom!

    On a strap by strap basis, apply upward tension until by “feel” the platform starts to be lifted – gently does it!. Fasten each strap in turn when the tensions are approximately even. NOTE at this point, we insert a ¼” staple through the strap to secure it for thenext step.

    Step 2

    With all four straps equally spaced and straight up above their roller centers and staples holding them in place, it is time to try it out.

    With minimal weight on the platform, carefully raise the Summerlift until it reaches the desired height.

    Verify that as it comes up, there is constant contact with the front cabinet face and the rising platform. Check to see that the belts remain in the center of the rollers.

    When it reaches the desired height, stop its rise and verify that the platform is level from left to right and from front to back.

    NOTE:IF THE SUMMERLIFT HAS BEEN operated without activating the upper and lower limit switches, YOU MAY FIND THAT RAISING THE SWITCH LEVER LOWERS THE UNIT INSTEAD OF RAISING . . . To Correct: Hold the “UP” lever-- the platform lowers - - continue to hold the “UP” lever - - after a brief pause, the platform will raise and the controls will have been corrected.

    Install the upper limit switch magnet by first determining its proper position.


    For remote equipped Summerlifts, extend (unwind) the remote antenna wire up the inside face of your cabinet and secure with staples or tape.Install and test upper limit switch. Then Install and test lower limit switch – adjusting lower limit switch so platform rests/stops in contact with bottom of cabinet or cleats.

    Step 3

    Provide adequate excess length of cables connecting to the devices to be placed on the platform – to allow for lift travel without binding. It may be helpful to use cable lamps to hold wire length.
    Install Strap retainers with two screws through each of the straps. Trim excess strap. Test lift under load (add weight to platform)
    Add your carrier cabinetry and fasten it to Summerlift platform using appropriate wood screws.

    Add top

    Install TV/etc.

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