Hints & Information on building a cabinet with a Summerlift power lift

This is a generalized presentation to help get you started  . . . 
Don't hesitate to call on us for more details on any specific project - - or for design help.
That's what we're all about.

Now, here's one way of thinking about a cabinet with a built-in Summerlift;
Imagine an old-style, wooden match box.
It has two parts.

An outer shell consisting of a four-sided box without a top or bottom

An inner "drawer" with bottom, two sides, back and a top

The inner drawer slides up and down within the outer shell.
Looking at the inner "drawer",  in your cabinet, Summerlift forms the bottom of the drawer - - you add two sides, back and top.

Summerlift has predrilled locating holes to fasten the sides to the lift platform (you provide the screws).

The back fits in between the two sides. The top is fastened (screwed/doweled/glued etc.) to the two sides and the back, making a rigid structure.


The "drawer" section with its Summerlift base (26 1/8" x 20" deep x 5 1/2" high) can be made in virtually any height (limitation is the length of the straps as shown below).

This view shows the inside of the outer side with Summerlift in the lowered position.

As an Example:
Here are basic dimensions for a Pop Up TV unit that will hold 27" TVs.
The image is oversized. Simply scroll left or right as desired, in order to view details.)

This unit ends up like http://the-office.com/popuptv/

Material: 3/4" plywood (veneer-core) for strength. Don't forget to add casters if it is to be a bed-foot pop-up-TV (or it will be hard to make the bed).
If a Remote is desired, the receiver circuit board mounts easily under the Summerlift with a bracket that is included. Wiring looks like:

Note that the wiring provides for installing a MANUAL switch (just in case the "clicker" is lost).

For our units, we include a power cord to connect to the wall (8') and a surge protected strip outlet for connecting the computer or tv, VCR and cable box.

Thinking about a ceiling down application?
This is the same concept as the monitor lift on The OFFICE computer armoire.
For most applications you will use the Standard Summerlift with Remote. (RF remote).
Summerlift has dynamic braking. It will stop wherever you want it to stop.
Here's additional food for thought.
Do you have room in the attic to hold the TV plus about 6"?
If you're in an extreme temperature area, very hot or very cold, you may need to use an insulated box to house your TV.
We can also provide the cooling fans and thermostat combination.
Thinking of a marine or aircraft application? We'll explain how to secure the unit for varying air and sea conditions.

Got a special application?
Need a compact lift model for close quarters? We have it.
Need one that lifts larger TV's? Ditto.
Contact our engineers. We're here to help.

If you still have questions we didn't answer ... just call 772-219-0455 or email to info@the-office.com

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