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Summerland is an engineering firm whose product team includes aerospace, automotive, and NASA mechanical, electrical and systems engineers, woodworking craftspeople, metal fabrication, material experts, and motor specialists.

We manufacture innovative, award-winning Computer Furnishings for Home, Business, Industry and Education, and.....

Although we're no longer doing large scale manufacturing we've left this page intact. If you should have questions, or you have an interest in our lift mechanisms, you're most welcome to give us a call.


Fortune Magazine Product-to-Watch"
Featured Live on the NBC TODAY Show
NeoCon International Grand Prize Winner
NeoCon is The World's Trade Fair for
Interior Design, Facilities Management & Communications.

Self-contained mobile armoire-style models for home, business and industry.

The monitor disappears at will, the chair closes up inside, pre-wired, pre-cabled and it requires only a single 110 volt electrical outlet. Handicapped Accessible.
We manufacture fully wired, armoire-style computer furniture for BUSINESS, INDUSTRY, HOSPITALITY, & HOME

NeoCon® '99 World's Trade Fair
for Interior Design & Facilities Management.
BUILDINGS magazine’s Innovations Awards
GRAND PRIZE-Computer Solutions:

June 1999 at The Merchandise Mart, Chicago, with more than 800 show exhibitors of facilities products and services, (NeoCon, New Hospitality, BPIA Marketplace, Decorex™ USA, and Technocom™), was sponsored by BUILDINGS magazine, and managed by Merchandise Mart Properties, Inc.

Instantly Convertible, Infinitely Adjustable.
Fits ANY age/size Student or Telecommuter.

above LS-512 model adjusts to fit 5th graders thru Adults


The only one of its kind.

from Desk to Workstation
Above: K-4 model
Kindergarten thru 4th grade

Models For Home, Business, Industry, & Telecommuting

Summerland's is an extension of The Learning Station product line.

Summerland developed and offers superior LIFT mechanisms as OEM components.

We UNDERSTAND lifting and lowering.

We feel that that logic and common sense should be the primary objective of our manufactured products. We provide incomparable customer service. We're also determined to keep manufacturing costs low without sacrificing quality, so that as many people as possible can be offered the opportunity to benefit from our products .

Our customers seem to think this is a good idea, too.

Summerland designs and engineers practical, user-friendly, and handicapped-accessible products. Products you can depend on. We're also long-standing advocates of hiring the handicapped, (one earlier project gave us the opportunity to draw 70% of the project's workforce from these ranks).

Our group has taken great pleasure in having had the opportunity to sponsor outings and activities for Special Olympics contestants over the years. We've found that these are special people in every sense of the word.

We also manufacture school and library cabinetry & fixtures, computer kiosks and consoles.
In contrast to the sophisticated factories in which Summerland's products are built, we have a modest R & D shop, pictured at right, with several more innovative new products on tap. Just click on the ladder at right and then once inside, grab a seat.

Oh, go ahead, click on the ladder and take a look around, we'll wait for you. Honest. Watch where you step, it's probably dark inside.

Since April of 1996, the WWWeb division of The OFFICE™ has developed award-winning business and industry web sites, for not only our own family of products and services, but for scores of business entities whose synergy is compatible with our own diverse, but inter-related collection of sites. For example:

Pallet-Mall the highest traffic pallet, container and reel site on the web. This site offers a gateway to the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association, another site our team created and has managed since 1996. Warehousing Management magazine awarded its "@@@@" rating, its highest, to the NWPCA website. Along with their "Excellent" rating, this leading pallet user publication also commented, "There's an abundance of information presented in a useful, user-friendly way." The Office WWWeb division from Summerland is the only group endorsed and recommended to its global membership by NWPCA.
Home Office Mall is ranked by Windows magazine as #29 of the 101 Best Business Sites on the Web. A dual portal with The Office main site, visitors have direct access to our publishing, marketing, industrial equipment, and retail sites, to The Office client web sites, and to The OFFICE brand computer and media furniture.

Since 1996, Summerland has sponsored the children's website, the Award-Winning BEDTIME-STORY.com, (Bedtime-Story for Busy Business-Parents), featured on MSNBC, named by YAHOO! as The Number One Children's Story Site On The Web. The site was designed to help encourage literary and artistic creativity. Summerland sponsors, recruits volunteer mentors, and provides editing as well as encouragement to talented authors and illustrators whose works will undoubtedly influence young minds. We support and encourage a strong parent-child relationship. We host and publish (in electronic form) tales that are judged to be as entertaining for the adult as they are for the child, with the intent of fostering a positive shared experience that will remain in the child's memory for years to come. The site does not require registration to read the stories and accepts no advertising.
Besides, we like to read the stories ourselves

The WWWeb division of The OFFICE has created client sites which include entities such as BioSystems Research, Litco International, The Webb Companies, Profile Technology, Berry Industrial, Gray & Sons Jewelers, TreasureCoastJewelers, AGBear.com, BellBuckle Country Store, Engineered Fibre, Pallet Repair Systems, Plasti-Pallet, Inc., Preferred Pallets, Pallets and Accessories, Ongweoweh, Machine Specialists, Inc., Century Pallets, and many others.

We're also involved with computer hardware and software.

SummerWood Partnership
was an early innovator, proffering practical
e-book solutions:

The Books
The Reader™
The Kiosks
The Schools
The Future 



NO ...


LunchBOOK, the Reader for Illumination E-Books,
is also the take-it-with-you reading companion to
The Learning Station

The OFFICE™ product and service lines and unique, proprietary components used in the manufacture of all new and existing models of The OFFICE™ manufactured products, are all patented, patent-pending, and patent-applied-for products of The Summerland Group, Inc.
LunchBOOK™, The Reader™, Illumination Thoughtware™ - The SummerWood Partnership

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Armoire models for Business - Home -Industry

The LearningStation™
Compact, Convertible Models For Education, Training, Telecommuting

K-4 for younger students
LS-512 -5th grade to adult
LS-512P-below-desk monitors
Pop-Up OFFICE™ - fine furniture

OEM Monitor & TV lifts
Precise Material Handling

Lift & Roll
Move Anything

Pop-up cabinets for TV, Stereo, media.

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