We live in Florida.

We don't get all that excited
about news of hurricanes anymore.

We consider ourselves well prepared.

We have a well stocked pantry, plenty of food and water for people and pets. We have hurricane shutters, a first aid kit and everything you could imagine (and then some) in our hurricane kit. We've got AA battery powered cellphone chargers, battery powered fans, battery powered handheld TV and radio, flashlights, lanterns, (and lots of batteries). We've got an Inverter and a long, heavy duty outdoor power-cord, which allows us to use our car to power (as needed) a laptop, or a refrigerator, or a microwave. or a small portable A/C (that we could stick in a bedroom window). We've got phones and battery powered walkie-talkies, all types of camping gear, including coolers, a propane stove, propane oven, propane grill, even a Sun Shower for heated water. We've got kitchen and sanitary paper products, rain gear, rubber boots, contractor size trash bags, and extra cat litter. We've got emergency tarps and a chainsaw. We also have an inflatable raft. Trust me. We know the drill.


Naturally we still do our hurricane homework, though.

We 're partial to the page SpaghettiModels.com

It's got links to really informative weather sites.


We were looking at those links when we saw this.

This is the Hurricane.

This is our house.










OK. We've added to the hurricane kit.

NOW we're ready.