The Oklahoma City Bombing.....

"It was as if I'd seen it before.

It was like history repeating itself, but his time I was there to witness what I'd only read about.

It was the crime of the century, and I was one of the investigators.

But as I worked the case I could see that too many things were falling into place that eerily reminded me of what, prior to April 19th, 1995, was considered "the Crime of the Century", the assassination of President John F. Kennedy (Dallas, Texas - November 1963)

I had a distinct advantage over the other investigators. I had spent four years immersed in an investigation into the Kennedy assassination, resulting in my book "Kill Zone: A Sniper Looks at Dealey Plaza." In researching the facts surrounding the Kennedy murder, and the Warren Commission's assertion that a lone nut with a gun named Lee Harvey Oswald was responsible, I had delved into Oswald and the mysteries surrounding him prior to November 22, 1963.

Now, as one of the assigned investigators of the Oklahoma City bombing, I began to witness a series of events transpire that so closely matched the events in Dallas that it was chilling.

I could almost tell what would happen next on a day-by-day basis.

Beside the entire "investigation" turning into a massive and blatant coverup before my eyes, I noticed that the two "lone nuts," McVeigh and Oswald, seemed to have a lot in common.

So much so, that one could draw the conclusion that OKBOMB was an off-the-shelf operation that was taken from a blue print first drawn up in Dallas 32 years before...."

-----Craig Roberts - February 17, 2005


His Personal Data:

Born in Lynwood, California, November 1946.

Married with three daughters (all grown)

His Job History and Experience:

Current: Author, Publisher and Investigative Journalist.

Team Leader: Mayes County (Oklahoma) Underwater Search and Recovery Team.

Chief Instructor, Cedar Creek Firearms Training Academy


Master Police Officer, Tulsa Police Department (Retired), 27 Years. Includes:

14 years Police Helicopter Unit--Pilot and Chief of Maintenance.

3 years Fugitive Squad

3 years Police Community Relations--public speaker

2 years TAC squad (SWAT team)

4 years Patrol Division

(2 years Bomb Squad additional duty assignment)

Previous to Police Department:

18 months Western Airlines--maintenance technician on Boeing aircraft

2 years Hansen Mooring Service--Commercial Diver (Avalon, Catalina Island)

5 years United States Marine Corps (FMF PAC) 0311

Organizational Memberships:

Fraternal Order of Police (Life Member)

Law Enforcement Alliance of America (Life Member)

Veterans of Foreign Wars

Disabled American Veterans (Life Member)

Military Order of the Purple Heart

Marine Corps Scout Sniper Association (Life Member)

Reserve Officers Association (Life Member)

National Rifle Association

Civilian Education:

BS Degree, Business Communications (Journalism)

2 years technical school: Spartan School of Aeronautics- Aircraft maintenance and maintenance management.

6 months flight training--Santa Monica, CA (Single Engine Land)

Tulsa Police Academy

Bomb Disposal Technician School, Dade County Florida

FBI Advanced Firearms Course

Hughes Helicopter factory maintenance school

Flight Training, Tulsa Police Helicopter Unit (Hughes 300 and McDonnell Douglas 500)

Seaplane pilot training, Grand Lake, OK

Helicopter rescue and sling loading school, TPD

Police Self Defense Instructors School, State of Okla.

Special Operations Team training, Tulsa Police Dept.

Military Education:

Recruit Training, MCRD San Diego

Infantry Training Regiment, Camp Pendleton

Counter-Guerrilla Warfare School--Okinawa (USMC)

Officer Candidate School, U.S. Army

Special Forces Operations Course--USIMA Ft. Bragg

Infantry Officer Branch Course--Ft. Benning

Infantry Officer Advanced Course--Ft. Benning

Army Instructors School--Tulsa, OK

Joint Firepower Control Course, Air-Ground Operations

School (Intel), Hurlburt Field, FL

Graduate, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College,

Fort Leavenworth, KS

Other Schools and Training:

Helicopter Special Operations and Rescue Techniques

Helicopter Special Operations SWAT team aerial insertions and rapelling

Black belt ratings: Shotokan Karate, Jiu Jitsu

Brown belt rating: Judo

Certified SCUBA diver, Los Angeles County (1962) and SSI (2001)

Master qualification, pistol, Oklahoma Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

Governor's Twenty Pistol Team (Oklahoma National Guard)

Teaching Background:

11 years Tulsa Police Academy teaching: Building Search, Self Defense, Baton, Rapelling, Counter-Sniper training SWAT). (Additional duty assignment as instructor).

1 year, U.S. Army Reserve, 4156th USAR School: Non- Commissioned Officer School--Camp Gruber, OK

2 years teaching Jiu Jitsu at Tracey's Karate in Tulsa, OK.

Cedar Creek Firearms Training Academy: Military and Law Enforcement Sniper training

Two trips to England to train the British Army (Queens Regiment) in Anti-Tank Warfare, Counter-Guerilla Warfare and Combat in Urban Environment.

Aviation Background:

Commercial Pilot's License: Helicopter

Airplane (Land


Total Flight Time: 3200+ hours

Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic license


Extensively traveled Europe, British Isles, Mexico, the Orient and Pacific.

Military Assignments Include:

Infantryman 0311 (Vietnam, USMC) 1965 (H Co. 2nd Btn, 9th Marine Regt., and M Co. 3rd Btn., 9th Marine Regiment.

Reconnaissance platoon squad leader, SSgt, Army Guard

Rifle Platoon Leader, Army National Guard (2nd Lt)

Infantry Company Executive Officer, Army National Guard

Tactical Officer, Officer Candidate School (1st Lt.)

Reconnaissance Platoon Leader (Scout Platoon) (1st Lt.)

Company Commander, Combat Support Company, Inf Regt.

Officer-in-Charge (Capt), NCO School, Okla Army Nat. Guard, Camp Gruber, OK

Company Commander (Capt, Basic Training Company (USAR)

Battalion Staff Officer, Basic Training Battalion

Ground Liaison Officer (Maj. And Lt. Col.) (Intelligence Section for A-7 and F-16 Squadron, Air National Guard, Tulsa IAP)

Military Awards and Decorations:

Presidential Unit Citation (3rd Marine Div, Vietnam)

Purple Heart

Combat Action Ribbon (USMC)

Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry

Vietnam Service Ribbon w/3 campaign stars

Vietnam Meritorious Unit Citation

Vietnam Campaign Ribbon

Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal

National Defense Service Medal

Army Commendation Medal

Army Achievement Medal

Army Service Ribbon

Army Overseas Service Ribbon

Armed Forces Reserve Medal

Army Reserve Components Achievement Medal

Rifle Sharpshooter Medal (USMC)

Rifle Expert Medal (USA)

Pistol Expert Medal (USA)

Oklahoma Star of Valor—Lifesaving (OKARNG)

Police Department Awards and Decorations

Medal of Valor

Department Commendation Medal (2)

Chief's Award Medal

Master ribbon--pistol

5 Officer-of-the-Month nominations

30+ Citizens and supervisors letters of commendation.

2 Governor's commendations (1 for marksmanship, 1 for riot duty at MacAlester State Prison).

Master Pistol Shooter, Oklahoma Sheriff's and Peace Officer's Association

Writing Experience:

Author of:

Crosshairs on the Kill Zone (Pocket Books, 2004, with Charles Sasser)

Non-Fiction book titled Doorway to Hell: Disaster in Somalia (CPI 2002, with BG Ed Wheeler)

The Medusa File: Crimes and Coverups of the US Government (CPI 1997 )

Kill Zone; A Sniper Looks at Dealey Plaza, Consolidated Press Int'l, (1994)

Combat Medic--Vietnam, Pocket Books, NY. (1991)

The Walking Dead: A Marine's Story of Vietnam, Pocket Books, NY., with Charles Sasser (1989)

One Shot--One Kill: America’s Combat Snipers, Pocket Books, NY. With Charles Sasser (1990)

Hellhound, Avon Books, With Allen Appel(1994) Fiction

Police Sniper, Simon & Schuster NY. (1993)

JFK; The Dead Witnesses, With John Armstrong. Consolidated Press Int'l, (1995)

Contributing author to Empire Press's book Desert Storm, released August 1991.

Tulsa Police Department Self Defense Manual

Tulsa Police Department Helicopter Maintenance Procedures Manual

Contributing Editor for Modern Warfare magazine, Empire Press, Leesburg, VA.

Writer for Time-Life military series projects,

The New Face of War series, Time-Life Inc., Alexandria, VA.

Articles dealing with military history for Military

History, World War II, Modern Warfare, American Heritage, Military and other publications.

Articles dealing with aviation history for Aviation Heritage.

Articles dealing with marksmanship, Vietnam, sniping, for Soldier of Fortune magazine.

Craig Roberts is also a recognized authority on firearms and marksmanship. Due to my military background, police background, and participation in marksmanship matches with both police and military, plus writing three books on various aspects of marksmanship via "oral histories" by people who "have been there," I have been invited to be the key speaker at various law enforcement and military organizations, and have appeared in five programs on the History Channel ("Suicide Missions" and "Snipers" series, plus R. Lee Ermey's "Mail Call--Back to Vietnam"). Often heard on radio talk shows, Craig Roberts gives insight into global politics, military topics, analysis of geo-political affairs, and a myriad of topics ranging from criminal conspiracies to government corruption.

On April 5th, 1995, Roberts testified before the Sub-Committee on Crime in Congress as one of six police officers called together by the Law Enforcement Alliance of America as pro-Second Amendment police officers. We testified against the so-called “Brady II” bills and other anti-gun bills.

On April 21st, 1995, Master Officer Craig Roberts, Tulsa Police Department, was assigned to help investigate the Oklahoma City bombing case, an endeavor that continues to this day.

Mr. Roberts is also a cancer survivor, having endured colon cancer in 1996 and after medical science/chemo therapy, Roberts relied on Prayer and natural healing supplements. He has now been cancer free since 1997.



Oklahoma City Police Chief Sam Gonzales began his career in law enforcement in the Dallas, Texas police department in 1963.
President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas Texas in November of 1963. A massive cover-up ensued.

Grand Jury testimony accused Oklahoma City Police Chief Sam Gonzales and others of conspiring with the FBI to cover up the brutal murder
of Oklahoma Police Sargeant Terry Yeakey, who had learned too much about government complicity in the Murrah Federal Building bombing.

For a period of 6 years, starting in May of 1998, former Oklahoma City Police Chief Sam Gonzales worked with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
He is now with Remlu, Inc in New York City, a company which specializes in Emergency Preparedness Planning

Dallas - Oklahoma City - New York City
Memorable Locations.


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