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Wooten Co. desk patented around 1870.
Photo: Courtesy Cahners

NeoCon Grand Prize Winner
The OFFICE™ patented in 1996.
Even the chair closes up inside!
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I recently saw The OFFICE™ featured LIVE on the NBC TODAY SHOW. Where can I go to see it in person?
If it's not already in your favorite furniture or office furnishing showroom, tell the sales director that it should be, and ask him/her to contact us. In the meantime, our catalog is online. Your Architect or Interior Designer may call on your behalf, or you may contact us yourself to place an order.

How is The OFFICE™ better than what I typically see offered in stores now?
Function and Quality. If you've done any comparison shopping at all, you'll have found that there's not a single product on the market that can begin to touch The OFFICE™. The way people work has changed, but for the most part, manufacturers of office and home-office furnishings haven't understood those changes. Today, some companies will equip their products with a three dollar surge protector and honestly believe that by doing so they're in tune with your needs. Since you have a job to do, you know differently. Look at it this way. Say you're asked to cut through a board and someone hands you a child's plastic skillsaw. You're going to need the real thing, not some toy. To maximize productivity, you need the right tools.

The OFFICE™ is also the ONLY computer armoire which will allow a full-size ergonomic chair with arms to close up inside. That's right, the ONLY ONE.

How is The OFFICE™ better? --- Quite simply, it's the right tool for the right job.

How much do The OFFICE™ and Pop-Up OFFICE™ cost?
We have a number of models available. Some are armoire-style, some are compact, double-duty models. See Models & Pricing or call 561-219-0455. Some models of The OFFICE™ are fully equipped, right down to the wall-mounted speaker-phone, others offer items such as the full-size ergonomic chair which closes up inside as a reasonably priced option. The OFFICE™ and Pop-Up OFFICE™ represent the highest quality, best engineered computer furnishings in the world. Visit our new product section. There you'll find a range of new, and diverse products, which, with the touch of a switch, convert what looks like a regular desk or an occasional-table into a fully wired computer workstation or even a Pop-Up TV or height adjustable, convertible Lectern.

The uncontested winner at [A.S.I.D.] Design Spectrum was The OFFICE™, a high-tech workspace in a box that looks like an armoire. We've seen many pieces of furniture designed to hide computer equipment at the International Home Furnishings Market in High Point, N.C., but none equals this one...This is the perfect solution for small spaces where a guest bedroom often doubles as an's a smarter idea than hiring a carpenter to do built-ins. This is a mobile investment"
Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinal
Explain why I need The OFFICE™
Bottom line? Performance.

We'll give you an anology. Why did you purchase a fuel-efficient automobile equipped with dual axle suspension, power-steering, 4-wheel anti-lock brakes, power-windows, high-performance transmission, adjustable seating, Low oil level/wear indicator and low coolant level lights , a stereo cassette or cd-player with the radio antenna built into the windshield, auto-adustable side and rear-view mirrors for day or night driving, temperature adjustable A/C, heater and defroster, seat-belts, airbags, safety-glass and shatter-proof windshields, Intermittent variable wiper system , auto-adjusting headlights, Headlamps-on reminder tone, Delayed entry/exit lighting with theatre dimming, Electronic speed control with Resume Speed , adjustable steering wheels, remote-controlled automatic trunk and door locks, car-alarms, digital clock, Dual-outlet stainless-steel exhaust system, maintenance-free battery, built-in cup-holders and Auxiliary lighting (dome, dual reading, glove box and trunk) , etc., etc., instead of purchasing, say, a vintage '57 Chevy, to drive today?

Hey, we liked the '57 Chevy. But.....our everyday needs, as well as our functional (and comfort) expectations have changed with time to meet today's more demanding requirements.

So have yours.

You spend a lot of time in your automobile. You spend MORE time in front of your computer.

Think about it.

The OFFICE™ is neither a converted china cabinet nor a bookcase with doors, which is probably what you've been running across in your search for a computer workstation which appropriately meets your needs. The OFFICE™ has been carefully engineered from the ground up to be a complete logical, practical, fully functioning work environment, right down to the smallest detail, including the full-size ergonomic chair which closes up inside.

Why do you need The OFFICE™ ? The answer is that you can't function well without the proper equipment. And functioning well translates into peak earning other words, dollars and cents---for you, and for your company. What you have with The OFFICE™ is the right equipment.

The OFFICE™ is the only computer furnishing of its kind in the entire world. We designed and engineered it with you in mind, which is why you were able to identify it as being exactly the solution you've been looking for.

We were thinking along the lines of built-ins, and we'd like to include a concealed workspace. Do you have a model designed for this type of arrangement?
All of our models may be used either as free-standing mobile units or as built-ins.

Does The OFFICE™ have a model with a companion fold-up bed unit?
The OFFICE™ has models designed to be used in conjunction with any Murphy Bed™ or Murphy-clone system. Simply ask your dealer to contact us.

I have a 21" monitor ....will it fit?
Yes. The original CEO and Professional models of The OFFICE™ were designed to accept 17" to 19" monitors and many of the pictures shown throughout the web site variously show 15" and 17" monitors.
21" monitors are accomodated with ease in new Executive model line of The OFFICE™. The Executive has an interior configuration similar to the CEO and Professional models, comes in both 48" and 72" widths, and offers configurations for both desktop and notebook computer users as well as a wider range of finish selections.

I'm a designer. I'd like to place a custom order for my client.
The OFFICE™ is designed to permit aesthetic customization. We have a wide range of models which can be used literally anywhere--- from a warehouse, to a laboratory, to a professional office, to a home. It can function as simply as a free-standing appliance, or it can be incorporated into a wall of built-ins. It can become part of a kitchen, it can disappear into a closet. It can even look like an exquisite piece of antique furniture. Multiple areas can be customized (see example) without compromising ergonomic or practical function. Request quote on custom models. Just tell us what you need.

In general, how is The OFFICE™ viewed by your customers?
Our customers tell us The OFFICE™ is the exact SOLUTION they've been searching for. An article about The OFFICE™ that appeared in the Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel pretty much summed it up. It said; "Every once in a while, someone comes out with a product so good that it deserves a standing ovation" To which we reply..."Thank you. We’re pretty proud of it."

Do you do custom designs for multi-unit corporate applications?
If we don't have it, we can build it. What does your facility need, how many, and when would you like them delivered? We're doing a stainless steel model for all of a multi-national electronics company's testing facilities right now. Three separate corporate groups in the hospitality industry have requested a variation of the CEO model as well. That design is in final review. We're doing computer desks for entire school districts. (see new product info below) Tell us what your needs are. We'll take it from there.

We're a government entity. We need The OFFICE™
You're in luck! Both UNICOR and PRIDE have already contacted us to discuss licensed manufacturing. In the meantime, just contact us to let us know what you need.

Can I buy stock in this company?
Ours is a small, privately held corporation, with a lot of patents, and some really bright people (some are former NASA folks) . We are actively expanding our manufacturing capabilities.

What are your hours if I have a question or want to call to place an order?
Customer Service is available by phone, 7 days a week, from 9AM to 6PM Eastern Standard Time. E-Mail is monitored before and after those hours, as well as on holidays.

We have a chain of department stores. We'd like you to manufacture a private lable model of The OFFICE™ and/or Pop-Up OFFICE™ or Pop-Up TV™ just for our customers alone.
Our pleasure! Just tell us what you have in mind.

We're manufacturers. Can we purchase some of the patented components you use in The OFFICE™ for our own products?
We've had a lot of requests along these lines. The answer is yes. We now have an OEM product division through which our Summerlift™ line of electric monitor and TV lifts, as well as our Lift & Roll™ mobility mechanisms, etc. can be purchased. We also have a licensing program for qualified manufacturers.

Do you have any information which specifically addresses the needs of Architects, Designers, Builders, Telecommuting teams, or the Hospitality Industry?
Yes. Select:
Corporate Advantage - for the Purchasing Executive
Telecommuting Case Study
For the Design Professional
For the Business Traveler & Hospitality Industry
For the Professional Builder
Computers and Health: Issues and Protective Measures - & Purchasing Depts.
Penn Printout, newsletter of the University of Pennsylvania Office of Information Systems and Computing

I'd like you to mail me a printed catalog.
We phased out hard-copy catalogs way back in 1996, in favor of the online version.

Our customers are computer-users. You're here, right? Actually, after about our 8th printing, we found that we were continually ending up with out of date hard copies which simply no longer showed ALL of the models. We can provide you with more detailed, and certainly more timely information on your very own computer, via The OFFICE web site.


  • The catalog never gets lost in a pile of papers.
  • It doesn't clutter up your house.
  • No matter where you are, you can always lay your hands on it.
  • If you want to show a friend, you never have to say to your companion, "Well, I've got the most wonderful product, and I wish I could show you what it looks like, but the catalog is at home.
  • Instead: Walk over to the computer. Type in "" and click on the picture. There it is. The up-to-the-minute catalog.

A friend or customer is not online but wants to see the information? No problem. We'll get you a floppy disk.

The OFFICE™ meets all of my computing needs, but I’d like to be certain that the quality is as good as you say it is. How can I be sure of that if I can’t see it first?
We've received rave REVIEWS . Additionally, each of The OFFICE™ units are warranted to be free from labor and material defects for a period of three (3) years after installation. Any units or components of units which exhibit labor or material defects within the warranty period will be repaired or replaced at no cost to Buyer, providing only that the defects are not attributable to neglect, abuse, or improper use or installation of the unit(s) See The OFFICE™ Warranty for complete details. The OFFICE™ products are known as the highest quality, best engineered line of computer and media furnishings in the world.

In addition to regular people like me who order The OFFICE™ for their homes and businesses, can you give us representative names of well-known companies who have either recently ordered or who have already taken delivery of The OFFICE™?
Sure! AT&T, Bell Labs, Hilton, Liz Claiborne, Houston Chronicle, DOW Chemical, Goodyear, etc.
Tell me about delivery
The OFFICE™ will be delivered and installed for you. Shipping costs will vary based on destination. Want to know more? Here's a link to the Installers Page .

Where can I purchase The OFFICE™ ?
The OFFICE™ is sold factory direct online, and may also be purchased through your Architect or Interior Designer. Our goal is to make the highest quality product available to you for purchase, at the lowest possible price. You may pick up the phone and order it direct, or you may ask your Interior Designer, Architect, Telecommuting, Ergonomics or Facilities Manager to contact us to discuss your specific officing requirements. Need it right now? Call us at 772-219-0455 or send e-mail to The OFFICE™

The OFFICE™ - - It's Exactly What You've Been Looking For.


To order, please call

Questions? Just ask. Contact The OFFICE™

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