The Learning Station is ...
A lift-equipped, CONVERIBLE, computer workstation.
And a LOT more.

It's a cabinet, right?
Great for mix and match.
Look again.
It's remote-controlled POP-UP TV™
Add the optional base equipped with Lift & Roll™, and it's now a mobile, lockable, pop-up media cabinet.
Terrific for Training Rooms.
Look again. It's The Learning Station™. Ergonomic, height-adjustable. It fits anyone, from a 4th grader right on up through a 6'4" corporate executive. It's also lockable.
Somebody order pizza? Tight on space?
Drop in the optional table leaf and it seats 2 for dinner.
And rather comfortably at that.
Add the optional Lift & Roll™ equipped base, and it's a mobile, adjustable, lockable, pop-up computer cabinet.
Classroom, kiosk, sit/stand workstation.
Want a below-desk computer? Not a problem. With the glass insert on the desktop we simply shift the keyboard assembly to the top. Now it's a height adjustable below-desk VDT workstation. The below-desk monitor angle is adjustable too!
Add the optional base and crown, and you've got a height adjustable, mobile computer Lectern ! This one fits ANY height speaker, with nothing more than the touch of a switch. Convert it back to a regular workstation on demand.
Change your mind about the below-desk computer viewing? No need to purchase new computer furniture. With an optional conversion kit, the below-desk viewing style can be converted back to natural, height-adjustable, line of sight computer viewing.
Got a need to network? Just Do It!
An optional networking component has been engineered to make your installation a snap.
Even an installation for our K-4 generation.


Get comfortable. Kick off your shoes.
Make the desktop any height you like. Pull the desktop forward to adjust for leg room.
Touch a switch...
Up pops a place for your stuff!
It's wired and surge-protected.
For Laptop or PC

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This model took GRAND PRIZE for Computer Solutions
at NeoCon in Chicago, June 7 - 9, 1999

Patented products of The Summerland Group, Inc.