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The NeoCon* Home Office Product Competition is the only award program in the country designed to recognize the best new furnishings products
for the increasingly important Home Office.
(*NeoCon is the equivalent of The SuperBowl).

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Awarded To


The OFFICE™, Fully Equipped and Mobile --Computer & Home Office Furnishings

The Summerland Group, Inc.
Contact: Tel: 561-219-0455 - Internet--

Summerlandís Design Objective: Create a Home Office which is: Practical, Attractive, Non-Intrusive, Computer-Oriented, Ergonomically Responsible, User-Friendly, Rugged and Mobile. Fully Wired, Fully Mobile, Fully-Equipped. Even the (included) chair closes up inside.

Why this line is appropriate for Residential, Commercial, Hotel & Retail applications:

The OFFICE™ was a full four years in ergonomic testing/micro-motion studies. Designed to respond to practical as well as aesthetic concerns, the needs of the computer user have received primary consideration.

Computer systems are hardly what one would call "stylish", and computer monitors territorially commandeer valuable desk space. Conventional articulating monitor-mounts have done little to solve the problem. Within The OFFICE™, however, things are different. Equipped with MIGA/BIB function, (Make It Go Away/Bring It Back) the ergonomic height-adjustable monitor mount adjusts view or electrically elevates the monitor to an overhead storage compartment, concealing the monitor from view and instantly creating a totally unobstructed desktop for non-computing tasks.

Ergonomic chairs are another matter. No matter how attractive an ergonomic chair may be, it still does little for the surrounding decor. Recognizing this, the full-size Ergonomic Chair which comes with The OFFICE™, has also been designed to close up inside The OFFICE™.

Mobility is a key feature. One might position The OFFICE™ within a room only to find that it might be perfect in another part of the room or, in another room altogether. Itís not necessary to ask for help to effect this type of moving task. The OFFICE™ has been equipped with a proprietary built-in Lift & Roll mechanism, which elevates & mobilizes The OFFICE™ for in-house relocation without the need to dismantle computer equipment or remove files. Just insert the provided key-jack, and with a flick of the wrist, The OFFICE™ is UP on wheels and ready to roll. Once itís been repositioned, the simple maneuver is repeated and The OFFICE™ lowers back into place. For commercial applications this feature is particularly desirable...since it enables an individual, a team, or entire department to be relocated in about five minutes time.

Attention to practical detail is what sets The OFFICE™ apart. For example, the over-desk storage compartment has been equipped with an electrical outlet so that a cellular phone charger can be stored up off the desk and out of the way.

Pre-wired & pre-cabled for computer, electric, phone, fax and modem, and with network and/or cable TV ports already installed, The OFFICE™ includes* built-in Intensity-Adjustable Lighting, APC Back-UPS Uninterruptable Power Supply with $25,000. surge protection policy, built-in independent Surge Protection for Printer, a built-in Speaker-Phone, Write Board, Bulletin Board, Tool Bar & full compliment of Desk Accessories, (right down to the flower vase).

Also included are the APC PowerManager™, ambient personal cooling, peripheral cooling and exhaust, U-shaped work area, one portion of which can convert into compact drafting table or reference material stand, plus letter/legal file and storage drawers.

Flexibility of use is a given. The OFFICE™ has been designed to respond not only to todayís computing needs, but to the computing needs of the future as well.

The OFFICE™ contains no particle board and revels in itís Timex™ style durability. Early on, a unit was dropped down a flight of stairs (albeit unintentionally) and incurred only minor damage, that being limited to a small, repairable crack in the exterior wood veneer.

Practical to the end, The OFFICE™ can be fully equipped with the userís computer system and peripheral equipment, along with any incidentals he or she might wish to install, (mini-TV, electric pencil sharpener, cellular phone charger and the like), yet The OFFICE™ still requires only a single 110 volt electrical outlet & a phone jack for full operation.

(Additional "accessories optional" models are available)

The OFFICE™ is a patented product of The Summerland Group, Inc.

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