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Summerland is an engineering firm whose product team includes aerospace, automotive, and NASA mechanical, electrical and systems engineers, woodworking craftspeople, metal fabrication, material experts, and motor specialists.
We manufacture innovative, award-winning Computer Furnishings
for Home, Business, Industry and Education.

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Model K-4
for Kindergarten through 4th grade
Details and MORE K-4 model photos
K-4's let you get creative with pop-up critters.
Brighten elementary classrooms, corporate day-care centers and libraries with whimsical pop-up Frogs, Giraffes, Elephants and a variety of other storybook creatures. Lock equipment below desk and out of the way when not in use to use the K-4 as a regular desk. With or without sliding desktop.

Model LS-512
for 4th and 5th grades through University students & adults.
Accepts up to a 21" monitor and 19" CPU tower.
CONVERTS at the touch of a switch from adjustable desk to adjustable computer workstation. Handicapped Accessible.
Leg room adjustable. Astounding range of features. A superb choice for telecommuters, for dorm furniture, for classrooms, as components for panel systems and corner built ins and much more. The Swiss Army Knife of Computer Furniture


The LS-B52 model allows secondary school and university students to collaborate in pairs or as a three-person group on a computer and still be able to comfortably take notes. The tri-unit design with 21" to 28" free-standing mobilewings, allows the 3-student squadron to separate and group elsewhere as needed.

Model LS-B52

The LS-B52 model of The Learning Station™ is for limited space interactive classrooms, having more students than computers.

The center unit is the LS-512 model. Abutting both sides of the LS-512 are "mobilewings" with movable desktops. The desktops are capable of sliding forward as much as 17" to comfortably facilitate lab-partner screen viewing WHILE those students are taking notes.

The mobilewing design with pull-forward worksurface instantly creates unlimited leg room and unobstructed knee room for virtually any size student. It offers significantly better monitor viewing and more comfortable note-taking for lab-partners than any other desking option.

Model: The OFFICE™-LS

High quality furniture finish.
Models for Home, Telecommuting, Hospitality. Handicapped-Accessible.
Adjusts to fit virtually ANY size/height user.
Special order.
The OFFICE-LS model shown above and below, is available in a wide range of cabinet styles, designed to blend seamlessly with home, office and hospitality decor. It is a practical selection for telecommuting divisions.


Model LS-MW
for Industrial Applications
Height Adjustable Mobile Workstation
with System Enclosure

Use it standing or sitting, for computing or as unobstructed writing platform.

Desktop pulls forward while in desk mode to provide maximum writing comfort for user. Equipped with Lift & Roll™. Has lockable storage. Secure entire system when not in use. Options include Impact resistant polycarbonate or safety glass viewing window & peripheral cooling.
The exterior styling of this unit is similar to our mobile, convertible lecterns, and if removed from the Lift & Roll equipped base, the LS-MW can also function as a standard height LS-512 model workstation.

Custom sizes and configurations available, including NEMA 12 compatible, self-contained armoire models in wood or metal. (Armoire models permit full-size ergonomic chair to close up inside).

LS-C models
Industry compatible/customizable
Summerlift LIFT BOX model customizable inserts
are sized to compliment office furniture or cabinetry offered by most major manufacturers*. Just slide the Summerlift LIFT BOX model between modules, attach it, trim to match. The Summerlift LIFT BOX model will accept standard size cabinet doors, or front shield may be finished to match any model line. Conceal media equipment in a variety of custom furnishings.

Panel Systems Manufacturers: Contact us for inserts or finished slide-in units to match your existing product line

View DETAILS of the OEM component: Summerlift us to *Request License Info.

Our company focus is on logic, practical engineering, and user-friendly designs. We concur with the majority of ergonomics experts who believe natural viewing offers the safest and most practical computing environment.

There are applications, however, for which the below-desk VDT could be beautifully suited, IF it were done properly.

Now it is.


LS-512P Below-desk VDT model

Factory assembly line


LS-512P Mobile Lectern
with Lift & Roll, in Cherry

Product DETAILS for LS-512P

Adjustable semi-recessed monitor models by request.

In a class by itself.
The world's only fully adjustable below-desk VDT style computer desk.

NEW Product

Simply point and click your remote control to make TV, VCR and Set-Top Box appear. Equipped with Summerlift, the same reliable 4-point lift mechanism used in The OFFICE and The Learning Station. Ships fully assembled. Not yet at your local retail store? Ask them to stock it! Call Summerland's Customer Service for the name of your closest POP-UP TV™ dealer. 561-219-0455


Now You See It




Now You Don't

ERGONOMICS and development of The LEARNING STATION™ models of The OFFICE™
A member of Summerland's engineering team underwent Carpal Tunnel surgery in the early '70s, long before most of the world had even heard of RSI's. We are particularly attuned to ergonomic considerations in product development.

Electro-entopic (from the Greek - entopos meaning: in its correct place), describes ergonomically correct placement, within the unit, of electric, electronic, and mechanical components, as well as functional task areas.

Courtesy of

Colorado State University

"Preventing Computer Injuries"

Ergonomics is the science that seeks to fit the job or task to the individual rather than expecting the individual to conform to the job or task.
It seeks to adapt work or working conditions to suit the worker.

Recommended Working Posture
1.Sit with your lower back against the chair and your feet flat on the floor or on a foot rest.
2.Adjust your table and chair so that your elbows are bent at right angles and your forearms are approximately parallel to the floor.
3.Keep your wrist neutral (straight) by using a wrist rest that is the same height as the keyboard.
4.Place your mouse on a surface close to and at the same height as your keyboard.
5.Position your monitor directly in front of you, approximately an arm's length away, with the top of the screen slightly below eye level. Tip the monitor back at an angle similar to that used when reading a book.
6.Use a document holder to position work at eye level.
7.Adjust your lighting and monitor to prevent glare or use an anti-glare filter.
8.Use adjustable tables and chairs to correctly position the keyboard or monitor.

Recommended Reading

Penn Printout, newsletter of the University of Pennsylvania Office of Information Systems and Computing

by Daniel A. Updegrove and Kimberly H. Updegrove
(Daniel Updegrove is University Director, Information Technology Services, Yale University, New Haven, CT)
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Computer assisted learning, melded with The Learning Station's functional workspace, is a practical system solution for education and training. 

The Learning Station™ is a patented product of The Summerland Group


Standard Exterior Finish and Color Options
for K-4, LS-512, LS-512P, and LS-B52

Model #
Available Finishes
(#2272) Natural Maple with Maple Desk Top
(#2273) Antique White, Almond, Dove Grey, Black Laminate
(#2274) Maple, Golden Oak, Walnut Laminate
(#2275 option)  School Colors and Decor finishes

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Summerlift™ brings a significant breakthrough in lift & lower technology to a vast range of applications. The first low-voltage high torque lift designed for near-silent raising and lowering of up to 200 pounds (standard configuration). Precise positioning control, automatic dynamic braking and uneven load management are just the beginning. Summerlift™ was designed and developed using the highest reliability drive with engineered, geared, power transmission to produce extremely smooth load transition to move even sensitive equipment through a vertical range up to 60 inches at variable rates of speed - - tailored to each application. Summerlift™ is self-contained. All components are contained within its 5 ½" height powder-coated, heavy weight sheet metal lift platform. 27 ¾" in length, 20" in width, the lift platform upper surface holds computer monitors and CPU, or television. Lifting belts (2,000 lb. non-stretch rating) from four points secure to cabinetry or frame. Woven belts are internally capstan reel contained; guide rollers are incorporated within the lift platform. Summerlift™ electrical system includes a 5 year-life battery with integrated float charging system, travel limit switches, lift-lower control switches and, locking key-switch for system security. Summerlift™ adapts to a variety of installation applications. Product assembly benefits include easy mounting fastening with a range of conventional systems and hardware. Summerlifts™ engineers are experts in system integration and design. Product awards reflect our dedication to practical innovation. We even have the ability to conceal wiring internally within cabinetry utilizing patented Fibercore®. Summerlift™ systems are weather sealed. Indoors or outdoors, they provide reliable, economical, safe and facile solutions to raising/lowering. The range of application opportunities is unlimited.