The Executive

Exec72 Model (72"w) Is Same Size As CEO model
Exec48 (48"w) is Same Size as Professional & Manager

The EXECUTIVE model - Design & Equip it YOUR way.

The Executive was designed in response to the overwhelming demand for a mid-range model of The OFFICE™ which could provide a similar interior configuration, and several of the features found in of our top-of-the-line CEO model, as options. Standard features found in other models of The OFFICE™ such as MIGA/BIB monitor mount (equipped with Summerlift), overdesk lighting, surge protectors, the ability for the included ergonomic chair to close up inside, and the requirement for only one electrical and one phone cord to run your entire OFFICE are also standard in the Executive model. Below you'll be able to see how the interior configuration of this model has evolved.

A bit like taking a peek in the dressing room, isn't it?
Showing original interior configuration, this bare plywood shot of the original prototype unit was taken at the factory, prior to the monitor lift housing being installed. Although the photo shows this unit in very early stages of construction, (yes, it is a rather grainy photo) you can identify the upper-right compartment where the optional electronic safe and/or optional Uninterruptable Power Supply was to be installed. A close-up of this area (equipped) is shown below, where you'll note that while actual work surfaces themselves are rugged laminate, interior walls on this tradeshow display model have been finished in the same beautiful light Maple veneer you'll find on the exterior.
Pictured below is a close-up of the finished version of that upper-right hand over-desk area on that prototype, shown here equipped with optional APC Uninterruptable Power Supply and optional Electronic Safe. Without these options, this spacious shelving area would be configured as shown above in factory shot.
We've pulled the camera back a bit here so that you can see what the finished version of this over-desk compartment looks like. On this shot you'll also note that the patented interlocking desktop has been flipped back, the keyboard tray completely retracted, and the articulating arms of the chair are in the down position, which is what enables the ergonomic chair to close up inside The OFFICE™.

Here's an exterior shot. There are now multiple styles and finishes for you to choose from.

On this unit we featured a light wash over genuine Maple veneer. The Executive, as you can see, has two equal size doors with a single lock. Handles are standard drill, allowing for feature customization.

Included: Electric monitor lift, Lift & Roll mechanisms, lighting, ergonomic chair which closes up inside.

The Executive model has two equal sized doors and some, but not all accessories and amenities found on the CEO are available as options.
The Executive WILL accept 21" monitors!

As refinement of this prototype continued, a decision was made to modify the interior configuration to allow for flexible shelving components.(You'll find those on the next page.)

Spacious task area and CPU, fax/scanner and printer shelves are glide-outs as usual. Overdesk shelving is height adjustable.


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