Shown with standard equipment including chair, UPS, tool bar and accessories, telephone, mobility system, hardware and fittings

..........The CEO

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T.h.e.. u.n.a.b.r.i.d.g.e.d ..e.d.i.t.i.o.n ..o.f
t.h.e.. h.o.m.e.. o.f.f.i.c.e

With its ideally configured interior and decor-enhancing finish, The CEO is the definitive Home Office. As the world's trade fair Grand Prize Award-winner, the CEO's design and unexcelled quality of workmanship has earned its premier position.

The OFFICE™ sets the standard for logic, practical innovation, and electro-entopic* ergonomics. The precisely engineered interior is fine-tuned to the most demanding user's needs. Fully wired, fully mobile, even the chair closes up inside.

The fully-equipped CEO combines high quality and high-performance capability. The CEO is complete down to the last detail. Including delivery and installation. Nothing is compromised. Unconditionally warranted and satisfaction guaranteed. The CEO is the logical choice for the most discriminating.

*Electro-entopic (from the Greek - entopos meaning: in its correct place), describes ergonomically correct placement, within the unit, of electric, electronic, and mechanical components, as well as functional task areas.

The CEO model is 72" wide, 28" deep, 77" tall. It has two doors, one of which is on the peripheral cabinet. The main door, 48" wide, is equipped with an additional work surface. (see above photo)

Library Storage Compartment - This slide out shelf will support 100# in full-extension. Store books, manuals, disk-storage containers, etc. The divider itself is held in place by dowels. The divider may instantly be lifted and removed at will, should the user prefer to site additional electronic equipment in this compartment . Access provided to electrical outlet visible in compartment below.
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The Printer Compartment - This space has clear dimensions of 21 ˝"h x 22"w x 22"d. The slide out will support 100# in full-extension. Electrical outlet is visible at rear. Grill also seen at rear is part of the built-in peripheral cooling and exhaust system which permits your computer equipment to remain safely on without overheating, even when this door is closed and locked. (during overnight remote backups for example). While most owners use this area to site one or more printers, some tell us they've used this slide-out shelf to also site a second monitor, and some have even installed a TV in here. Alternate use requirements were anticipted. Cable jacks are pre-installed.
On-demand, heavy-duty task area. This slide out will support 100# in full-extension. When coupled with the main desk and the on-demand flip-up door table, also shown here in use), the user is provided with a convenient, U-shaped work area.
Task area in CEO model is convertible. It has a built-in feature designed for use as compact drafting table or reference material stand. Precisely engineered, it will hold even a single sheet of paper securely in place.
  • Triple storage compartment. Use these drawers for Letter or Legal file storage, media storage, paper storage, or.... you can store cookies here. Your choice.

  • Glide-Out CPU Compartment. There are multiple locations to site one or more CPUs in the CEO model. Click on photo at right for details.

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  • Roomy overdesk storage. Store books, files, recharge your cellular phone, even site a compact stereo or TV here as well. Electrical, telephone, & cable outlets are in place here and elsewhere.

  • Visible to the left of the open storage compartment is the built-in APC Uninterruptable Power Supply.

  • The red switch beneath the UPS, is what controls the powered monitor lift.
  • Powered Monitor Lift - At the touch of a switch, the monitor may be adjusted to an ideal viewing height. To free the desk-top for non-computing tasks, the monitor may also be electrically elevated to a totally concealed position. The CEO and Professional models of The OFFICE™ are designed to accept up to 19" monitors with full utility. Shown in these photos, are various 17" and 15" monitors. The CEO monitor lift will permit 80# + monitor raising and lowering. 21" monitor information

  • The black square, visible beneath the overdesk storage area, is a directional vent, part of the ambient cooling system built into CEO and Professional models. See All About The Office for details. Other Standard Equipment items are visible in these pictures.

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  • Fixed shelf: Built-in Control Panel - APC PowerManager™

  • Glide-Out shelf for Fax machine. Electric and telephone outlets in place. Shelf may also be used for compact printer, scanner, telephone books, etc.

  • File drawer, letter or legal size.

  • The PROFESSIONAL model is the equivalent of the main cabin of the CEO.
    A printer-glider replaces the file drawer.

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All models of The OFFICE™ are equipped with a concealed, built-in Lift and Roll™ mechanism, designed to facilitate locating or relocating, without a need to dismantle computer equipment or remove files. Simply insert the provided key-jack and "click", The OFFICE™ is elevated and mobile, ready to be rolled to its new location. Position it and, "click" The OFFICE™ lowers back into place. Rearrange furniture whenever you wish. Mobility wheels remain retracted and invisible! until needed.
Requires a Single 110 volt electrical outlet
All models of The OFFICE™ require just a single 110 volt electrical outlet and a telephone jack for full operation. The OFFICE™ is pre-wired and pre-cabled, including interconnection for TV or Data Network. Installed safeguards protect computer, data cables and phone lines from electrical surges and spikes. CEO and Professional model system protection components include APC BackUPS™ Uninterruptable Power Supply, APC PowerManager™, and an additional Surge Protector. Additional CEO and Professional model built-in components include Intensity Adjustable Lighting, Ambient Cooling, and Speaker-Phone. For detailed listing, see: Standard Equipment. For electrical specifics, see About The OFFICE™

The CEO model is available in whitewashed oak or in mahogany. Both are in stock.
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Uniquely suited for the work you do.
What a home-office should be.

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