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Rugged, practical, user-friendly, The Learning Station™ converts instantly from a desk to a mobile computer workstation.


Multi-function, lift-enabled furniture. Developed by a group of former NASA engineers, this practical design permits furniture to convert from a desk to an infinitely adjustable, handicapped accessible, height-adjustable computer workstation, at the touch of a switch.


The core design is extraordinarily flexible, lending itself to virtually every aspect of computer operation. There are models for Corporate, TRAINING, Alternative Officing, Industrial use, K-12 SCHOOLS, UNIVERSITY, Dormitory, Military, Emergency Management, Hospitality, TELECOMMUTING, and more.


Picture a compact unit, measuring say, 24" x 28".

It might be styled and finished as fine furniture,

It might be designed to help you get creative

Compose, Compute & Make Beautiful Music

The Learning Station-MusicLab

LS-512P-With Below-Desk Monitor

It might have a clean, functional design, with a rugged laminate finish.

(In situations where a below-desk monitor model is preferred over a natural viewing style computer workstation, the LS-512P is the model of choice).

A quiet, 4-point lift mechanism is concealed inside, at the base of each unit.

Instant adjustability

Lift control switches and locks are located convenient to the desktop.

The OFFICE™ LS-512
Learning Station™
The surface of the unit slides forward manually, (up to a full seventeen inches if desired) to convert from a cube with a compact footprint, to a desk designed to provide plenty of leg room for any size user.

The lift controls allow each user to adjust the worksurface up or down to select the most comfortable desk height.

POP-UP style workstation
adjusts to fit any size user.
  • The same controls elevate and lower a concealed computer compartment. Touch the switch and up pops a computer workstation.

  • The monitor viewing height and keyboard height are adjustable to fit the user.

  • The keyboard tray also adjusts for maximum leg room comfort.

  • Height adjustability permits user/instructor eye-contact at all times.

  • When not in use, the compartment lowers and locks in place, to conceal and secure computer equipment.
    (LS-512P below-desk monitor models with glass viewport have equipment lockdown options)

Notebook users may install a full compliment of peripherals inside the surge-protected computer compartment. Among the options are interior shelving, task lighting, document holder, and an uninterruptable power supply.

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The workstation user may position a laptop or notebook either on the keyboard tray, or on the height adjustable desktop itself.

No waste of valuable classroom space!
This compact footprint desk does double-duty. Use height-adjustable monitor feature for computer labs, or use lowered, height adjustable writing desk in traditional classroom mode.

Mobile on demand, these workstations are equipped with a choice of gliders or casters and arrive ready for networked or free-standing installations.

An optional tow-bar makes this line particularly appealing for alternative officing applications. In a corporate setting, the lockable design encourages internal personalization (the Carlinesque theory of "a place for your stuff"). It represents a more practical solution for employee morale than a numbered locker and a sterile desk.

The locking capability also provides expanded utility in seminars and trade shows. The computer can be lowered, locked, and equipment safely secured out of site. The unit may be left in a meeting room or a trade show booth, without fear of leaving a computer exposed and unattended while the user goes to lunch.

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For classrooms, apartments, dormitories, recreational vehicles, on board yachts or in other space-limited surroundings, insertion of an optional leaf allows this model to convert to a 24" x 48" work or display table.

It also comfortably seats two for dinner.

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Lecterns or
An optional matching base and crown permits the workstation to convert to either a height adjustable lectern or a sit/stand mobile workstation. The base is fan cooled and equipped with Lift & Roll mechanisms for mobility.

The LS-512P lectern has a viewport enabled desktop and below-desk monitor mounting. The work-height remains adjustable, and the monitor viewing height and its viewing angle below the desktop are adjustable, as is the keyboard height.

In the event that in the future, a below-desk monitor style is no longer desired, an optional conversion kit will allow the user to switch back to a natural viewing style of workstation.

Variations of the natural viewing style LS-512, LS-MW offer lecterns, sit/stand workstations or industrial workstations with NEMA compatability.

Panel system manufacturers/installers can be provided with a separate computer desk module. Regardless of the height of the employees who rotate in and out of a cubicle over the years, the ergonomics issue will have already been addressed. The workstation can adjust to fit each user. It is handicapped accessible, and the computer equipment can be safely stowed and locked below-desk after hours. Standard and Corner modules are offered.

MODELS FOR CHILDREN & Little People: Average height Adults aren't the only ones to have ergonomic concerns.

The LS-512 will adjust to fit students from 5th grade and above.

The K-4 model is a grow-with-me style, designed to adjust to the ergonomic computing needs of growing children in the Kindergarten through 4th grade range.
It is also an ideal model for computer-using members of Little People of America.

The Learning Station is exactly what's needed for corporate kinder-care centers, space-conscious CLASSROOMS, and LIBRARIES. This model also offers a practical (and important) means of securing and protecting valuable computer equipment when it's not in use.
The Desk that becomes a Workstation

The Magical Desk With The Disappearing Computer

"Students will show a preference ..
for ergonomically designed workstations"
Cornell University Study

Summerland believes that interfacing very young students with computers; giving them access to the Internet, and teaching them to use the computer as a major part of day-to-day educational instruction, is the most efficient method for obtaining exemplary educational results - - at the lowest cost. 

K-4 models - adjust to fit children from Kindergarten thru 4th grade

Summerland's School Program

Cornell University Researcher studying ergonomics for kids
CNN Science Report


permits media equipment to be concealed from view in an office, conference room, or training facility. Optional casters and tow-bar.(See LS-512)

The lift module may also be integrated with conference tables, consoles, kiosks and display fixtures to enable specialized media display capabilities with equipment visiblity on demand.

The entire line of convertible computer workstations are reasonably priced since their creators also developed the lift mechanism that makes all this possible. The lift has also been designed for use in industrial/manufacturing applications.


The OFFICE™ CEO model
1996 NeoCon Grand Prize Winner

Touch a switch and the monitor disappears. The full-size ergonomic chair closes up inside. It's mobile.
And that's just the beginning.

The OFFICE™ - Armoire Models
For upscale surroundings where what is desired is a fully contained, wired, mobile, and lockable workspace, which also offers the capability of concealing a full size ergonomic chair inside, the electro-entopic armoire styles from this group are exactly what is needed.

The monitor is height adjustable for optimum viewing and can be made to disappear from the desktop altogether with just the touch of a switch. The mahogany model at left is pre-wired, pre-cabled, and has been pre-equipped with everything its owner is likely to need, right down to the speakerphone.

Rugged industrial and dual user control room models are also available. Several models are offered. From 48" to 72" wide.

These products are from The Summerland Group.
The name of the product is The OFFICE™.
Compact models are from Summerland's newest lines, The Learning Station™ and POP-UP TV™.

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