Diane Swanson Sheets is seeking information on her cousins, daughters of Carl and Genevieve (Kittendorf) Swanson.
She also seeks additional info on her Uncle Carl and Aunt Genevieve.
She would be most appreciative of a reply from any member of the family who is willing to share their recollections.

Following is synopsis of our email correspondence:

Diane Swanson Sheets
"Diane Sheets" Redbari1@aol.com
Date: Sun, May 22, 2011 5:57 pm
To: cynthia@the-office.com

My name is Diane Swanson Sheets (70), I'm the middle daughter of George A. Swanson (born 25 Dec 1908), who was brother of Carl Nord Swanson. Carl was married to Genevieve Kittendorf.

After my father, George A. Swanson, left Illinois for Arizona when he was in his 20's, he met my mother and they were married. His brother, Carl Swanson, passed away about 6 years after my father died, which was in 1991. My sisters and I wish we had been more involved through the years with Carl and Genevieve, along with their family. Sadly, we only spent a few times with them. My mother's large family lived closer in California, and that was where we spent our vacations and built our relationships. My father's mother, Emma Louise Nord Swanson, came to live with us for about 4 years when I was young. She was a shy, sweet woman, and very artistic.

Would you share some memories about Carl? I was able to access Genevieve's obituary and saw how involved she was in her life. I really don't know what Carl did for a living, or much of anything. Whatever you want to share would be so appreciated. I know my father flew back east to have dinner with Carl and Genevieve about 5 years before he passed and after Carl was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. My Dad told us that after dinner he heard my uncle say to Aunt Genevieve, "Who is that nice man?" She said, "That's your brother." A little sad, but sweet...

Thank you for anything about them that you want to share. Bless you for organizing this family information. I think it very important so family members can appreciate those that went before...



Thought you might like to see who we are.  I'm enclosing a photo taken last fall in Utah.  
Pictured, from left to right, are the three daughters (along with two husbands) of George A. Swanson, Carl Nord Swanson's brother:
Steve and Patti (Swanson) Konecnik of Tucson, Arizona Alan and Diane (Swanson) Sheets of Oro Valley, Arizona/South Jordan, Utah Kay (Swanson) Garner of Oak Park, California.  (Her husband is not in photo.)

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