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ABOUT THE DELIVERY ITSELF: The OFFICE™ is delivered by the Electronics/Museum Quality Moving Divisions of Bekins or similar shippers. We select companies which are are considered among the best of the industry in the U.S. Installation is performed by installation professionals local to your area.

Your installer will require it for reference purposes.

By now, a large percentage of the installers nationwide have become thoroughly familiar with this product, but since employees do change, your local installation crew may be installing The OFFICE™ for the first time. We use competent installation companies, and they have been provided in advance with printed installation instructions. Installation time will run no longer than three hours and can generally be completed in less than half that time.

If you should have any questions during either delivery or installation - Just call Tech Support: at 772-219-0455, and put the delivery driver or lead installer on the phone. We'll take it from there.

This page is designed as a fail-safe resource so that YOU will understand the installation procedure. With us on the telephone, and you on-site, we can get the installation done in a snap. The point of the exercise is to get the job done properly, right then and there.

This is NOT a complex installation.
There IS going to be a pop-quiz, though, so please read this page VERY CAREFULLY.

Remember to purchase and have on hand a keyboard extension cable, a mouse extension cable and monitor and printer extension cables, since you will need those at time of installation.

Before the installers leave
, please do make certain you have tested each phone/modem jack, and each electrical outlet. (any type of small lamp will do just fine for the outlet test)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Installation personnel are NOT authorized to install your personal computer equipment.

Installation Manual

It may be helpful to the installers have on hand a photo of The OFFICE™ showing computer equipment in place. Click on the photo at right to enlarge. You will find other close-ups at the end of this manual. Shown at right is the CEO model.

Start in the room where The OFFICE™ is to be installed. Instructions are for CEO model. The Professional and The Manager models follow CEO main cabin instructions.
Remove cabinets from crates.


A. Cabinet A (Main cabin)
B. Cabinet B (peripheral cabinet)
C. Door A
D. Door B
E. Crown moulding
F. Omnific Ergonomic Chair

G. Accessories Box Containing:
Bell Phone #SKU 43500 (requires two AA batteries)
Knoll Hanging Tape dispenser
Knoll Hanging Flower bud vase
Knoll Hanging Floppy Disk Holder
Knoll Hanging Pencil/Pen cup
Knoll Hanging Calendar Mount
Keyjack bar for Lift & Roll mechanism
APC Power Manager
APC BackUPS Uninterruptable Power Supply
Cabinet "B"

MAIN Cabin "A"
The Professional
(Compare to the 48" wide main cabin of the CEO model). Click on photo for model detail.
The Manager
Click on photo for model detail

Uninterruptable Power Supply

APC PowerManager™
Either of these Keyjacks will operate your Lift & Roll mechanisms

The Keyjack that comes with your OFFICE now resembles the one shown at above right.
It will be chrome plated. Should you ever misplace your keyjack, below are replacement components. They are readily available from any Home Depot or Auto Supply Store.

Breaker bar (an 8" Flex Handle Thorsen Part # 51112 is also OK)
4" extension with 3/8" drive (Husky 3" extension w/3/8" drive Part #22220 is also OK)
A 3/4" deep socket with 3/8" drive. (Thorsen Part# 51624)

Hardware Bag Containing

Align bolt holes in cabinet "A" with bolt holes in cabinet "B".

Insert bolt "BB" into the four holes in the lower half of cabinet.

Screw socket Head Hex Nut "CC" onto bolt "BB".

Use 3/16" ALLEN WRENCH to make sure bolt and nut are tight.

NEXT: Uncoil main electrical cord and plug into wall outlet. From the monitor lift control on the front of the unit, LOWER the monitor lift.


Install top bolts after monitor lift has been lowered and electric cord UNPLUGGED.


Position crown on top of cabinet. Make sure side of crown labled "FRONT" is facing forward.

Align holes in the crown with holes in top.

Screw 1 1/4"wood screws through the crown into the top of the cabinet. Electric screwdriver will be desirable tool. Use all provided screws.


Insert the keyjack, place the Lift & Roll (jacking caster) bar in the "down" position to elevate the unit.

Insert the keyjack in the "straight-up" position. Push DOWN until casters LOCK in place.


There are three Lift & Roll mechanisms installed on the CEO model. USE ALL THREE.

Although you may do this in any order, for ease of use, you might want to start from the outside Lift & Roll mechanisms and work in.

Note diagram below: Note that each Keyjack bar presses downward TOWARDS THE CENTER KNEE SPACE of The OFFICE. These mechanisms require but 8 pounds of pressure and are user-friendly. Exercise caution once casters are unlocked to lower the unit, since the keyjack bar (provided) will move rapidly in the direction that it is being pulled.

To RAISE the unit, insert the keyjack and press downward towards the CENTER of the unit until you feel it LOCK IT IN PLACE. If it seems to require more than 8 pounds of pressure, you may be trying to press downward in the wrong direction.

Next, using a flat-head screwdriver,
Remove 1/4" thick cleating material from bottom edge of Cabinet A & B.

Remove back panels to allow access to electrical outlets. The electric screwdriver will be a desirable tool.

Above: What the CEO model looks like with the back off.
Note: Engineers are on call to answer any questions, but everything has already been addressed in this online installation manual.


THE ELECTRICAL WIRING CONNECTION INSTRUCTIONS SECTION of the printed installation manual which is packed inside the boxes containing your model of The OFFICE™ has been superceded by the following:

Inventory of all of the connections:

A. Battery Backup (UPS)
B. Switch Box
C. Printer Duplex (PRN Lead)
D. CPU Duplex (CPU Lead)
E. Line Duplex (Main Outlet and the Power Cord for The OFFICE)
F. Phone Line Box Wire (on the Base Unit)
G. CPU Electrical Box (wired at the manufacturer -- no action needed)
H. Printer Electrical Box (wired at the manufacturer -- no action needed)
I. Fan Molex Connector
J. Monitor Electrical Box
K. Printer Electrical Box (PRN Main)
L. CPU Electrical Box (CPU Main)
M. Phone Box (wired at the manufacturer -- no action needed)
N. Phone Line Wire (P3 Box N)
O. Phone Jack (on inside of false wall)

SIMPLE, USER-FRIENDLY Installation Instructions:

1. Plug A (UPS) into E (Main Line Outlet)
2. Plug B (Switch Box) into Power Manager (PM)
3. Plug J (Monitor Electrical Box) into Power Manager (PM)
4. Plug F (Phone Line Box Wire) into "in" of Power Manager (PM)
5. Plug N (Phone Line Wire/P3 Box N)into "out" of Power Manager (PM) - other end of this wire goes into the Phone Jack (on inside of false wall) (see step 10)
6. Run E (the Power Cord for The OFFICE) though the hole on the false wall
7. Plug C (Printer Duplex/PRN Lead) into K (Printer Electrical Box /PRN Main) (wired at the manufacturer -- no action needed)
8. Plug E (Line Duplex/Main Outlet) into I (Fan Molex Connector/Fan Power) (wired at the manufacturer -- no action needed)
9. Plug L (CPU Electrical Box /CPU Main) into D (CPU Duplex/CPU Lead)
10. Plug N (Phone Line Wire/P3 Box N -- from "out" on Power Manager) into O (Phone Jack on inside of false wall)

CONNECT Keyboard exension cable.
CONNECT Mouse extension cable.
CONNECT Monitor extension cable.
Click on the following graphic showing the back interior of the CEO model to enlarge.
NOTE: When PRINTING THE ENLARGEMENT, set your printer for LANDSCAPE style page


Replace back panels.

Place cabinet in desirable location

Once The OFFICE™ is positioned, LOWER Lift & Roll mechanisms. If you wish to place furniture cushions beneath levelers, position them under the levelers but do not adjust levelers until after the installation is complete.

Note diagram below:Start with any Lift & Roll mechanism. Insert keyjack handle parallel to ground, with arm of Keyjack facing TOWARDS THE CENTER KNEESPACE of The OFFICE.

Turn Lift & Roll mechanism (jacking caster) keyjack arm to "up" position to LOWER the unit.

Exercise caution once casters are unlocked to lower the unit, the keyjack bar will move rapidly upward in the direction that it is being pulled.


Remove 7/16" nuts and bolts from each end of travel bar located on front base of The OFFICE™.
Remove travel bar.

Hang doors. LOOSEN but DO NOT REMOVE screw "A" of all hinge plates on the door

Align hinge plate with hinges and connect them, starting from top, all the way down and in sequence. When all hinges are connected, adjust the hinge plate.

Tighten screw "A", when the door is aligned correctly in the vertical direction. Screw "B" will slide the door horizontally. Screw "C" will move the door closer or further from the cabinet when closed. BE SURE SCREWS "A" & "B" ARE TIGHT.


Install door stay on main cabin door (Door "A").

Use 3ea. 3/4" wood screws to screw extending arm to side of cabinet

Level The OFFICE™
Levelers are on the bottom of the Lift & Roll mechanisms. Use adjustable wrench. Turn levelers counter-clockwise (towards the left) to raise cabinet, and clock-wise (towards the right) to lower cabinet. (Place furniture cushions beneath levelers if desired).

Adjust the door caster if necessary.

Use 9/16" wrench to hold lower nut. Use 1/2" wrench to turn top nut. (Clock-wise to raise caster, counter clock-wise to lower caster) Extra mounting holes are provided for further adjustment if desired.


Installation personnel are NOT authorized to install your personal computer in The OFFICE™.

Got an oversized monitor?
Stuck with an extra-tall CPU case?

21" monitors
, no problem!
Extra tall CPU? We have your solution!

Click here for installation instructions
on the new

What Goes Where?






UPS Placement
(Below UPS are Monitor Lift & Desk Light Control switches)

Printer Compartment

At LEFT, just below the desktop on the right hand side is where the APC Power Manager™ mounts.

Right below that is a fax glider tray. This spacious compartment is designed to be used for whatever makes sense for you. It has an electrical outlet as well as an additional modem jack.

CPU Placement

The library storage compartment at the top of the peripheral cabinet has a removable divider should you wish to use the space for another piece of electrical equipment. The divider is held in place on the glider by dowels.

To remove it, simply lift straight up.

To close the chair inside The OFFICE™,
First touch the MIGA switch (Make It Go Away) to elevate the monitor slightly.



Next, push your keyboard tray forward, sliding it back under the desktop, and then flip The OFFICE™ patented interlocking desktop section up and back to create the chair space.
The main desktop measures approx. 24" deep by just under 48" wide. You'll have found two additional pull-out/flip-up work-surfaces, one on the door, the other pulls out from beneath the printer shelf to give you a U-shaped work area. (The latter has the ability to tip up as a compact drafting board/reference stand.) Simply slide the task table on your left back into its place below the printer glider.
Next, swing right to the right in your chair, and lower the flip-up doortable. There's no need to bend. Simply reach underneath the table. There you will feel a safety hinge equipped with a ring.

Slip your finger in the ring and pull it towards you.

The doortable will be in the DOWN position when the chair is closed inside The OFFICE™.

When elevating the doortable for use as an additional workspace, simply grasp and lift upwards. You will feel a click when the table locks into place.

The Omnific ergonomic chair has articulating arms. This means that they function very much like a double-jointed elbow.
When seated in the chair, simply grasp the arm rest close to the seat back and lift UP.

You will note that the back of the chair does what could be compared to a shrug of the shoulders when this happens. This allows the articulating arms to change directions.

The first time you try this, you might want to stand behind the chair, lean over, grasp the armrest and lift up simply to familiarize yourself with the double-jointed type armrest motion.

Remember to place BOTH arms in the DOWN position when you get ready to close the chair up inside.

It should take you somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty seconds to completely close down The OFFICE™ with the chair inside.

The OFFICE™ is both a practical, as well as a user-friendly place in which to work. Your tools are at your fingertips, but can be concealed at a moments' notice.

Even the chair closes up inside.

Congratulations on your selection.
Enjoy The OFFICE™!
Questions? Contact: The OFFICE™
772-219-0455 -