An American's Declaration of Independence

I don't know about anybody else, but I for one am sick and tired of the far right "religious" radicals, the vicious minority who have successfully conducted a de facto coup upon the once proud Republican Party, turning it into nothing more than a political tool with which to spew their bigotry and hatred, and to impose their truly perverted views upon the rest of the country.

I'm sick and tired of the Tea Party Republicans and their warped views, proclaiming their "more patriotic than thou" nonsense, while wrapping themselves in the flag MY ancestors fought and died for in order to preserve the freedom and liberty of ALL Americans.

I'm sick and tired of these narrow minded bigots loudly proclaiming their falsely pious version of "Christianity", when in fact they are giving true Christians a bad name.

I'm sick and tired of these thinly disguised hypocrites who are avidly working against the very teachings of Christ, flaunting their greed by taking money from the poor, the elderly, the children, and from those who teach our sons and daughters, from our police and firefighters, and from the brave returning veterans, who pledged their very lives to protect and defend us.

I'm sick and tired of members of the newly conquered Republican Party being complicit in the crime of taking monies intended to help ALL of us and giving that money to those who truly do not need more of it. There is a significant difference between needing money to buy food or to keep a roof over the head of a family and merely wanting more money to buy a third Mercedes or add an automobile elevator to the six car garage.

I am sick and tired of the outright lies, hatred, bigotry, and far right propaganda being spewed across our airwaves and into American homes by a pair of Saudi and Australian media moguls, under their blatantly false claim of "Fair and Balanced Reporting".

I'm sick and tired of elected Republicans who have shown themselves naught but cowards, willing to be blackmailed and manipulated into signing a pledge that hurts instead of helps our nation and its economy.

I'm sick and tired of Republicans who have gone out of their way to prevent American citizens unlikely to agree with their offensive political platform, from being able to vote at all, under the trumped up guise of "protecting us from voter fraud".

I'm sick and tired of attacks on race and gender minorities. All human beings are deserving of mutual respect and equal rights. There is no justification for the "some are more equal than others" philosophy we see under the far right Republican political mantra.

I'm sick and tired of the concerted Republican attacks on the women of this nation, in their systematic WAR on WOMEN'S RIGHTS, women's FREEDOM, women's HEALTH, women's DIGNITY.

I adamantly REFUSE to permit this to happen to me, or to my children, or to my grandchildren.

I flat out REFUSE.

And THAT is why, after all these years, I, and millions of other Americans, have stood up to be counted, why we have become political activists and have DECLARED OUR INDEPENDENCE.

And it's also why I will personally vow to VOTE AGAINST EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE IN ALL FORTHCOMING ELECTIONS, until such time that common sense and reasoned political discourse can be restored to what remains of our tattered democracy.


SPEAK UP. Declare YOUR Independence.
What We Want From Our Government

We want the government to stay out of our private lives. We are Americans. Our ancestors fought and died for our freedom. Our minds and our bodies are our own.

We insist upon equality of rights, wages, and educational opportunites, and believe reliable, affordable healthcare should be made available to all American citizens.

We require a government which teaches, practices, supports and defends tolerance and respect amongst and towards its citizens, regardless of their age, race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

We demand that our elected government fulfill its responsibility to faithfully patrol, secure, and defend our borders, protecting the physical welfare and financial stability of America's citizens.

We remind the government that American armed forces are comprised of our parents and our children, our brothers and our sisters, our aunts, our uncles, and our grandparents; individual people who have sworn to protect and defend this nation. They don their uniforms trusting that their lives will not be interrupted nor sacrificed to achieve political, theological or financial gain for the benefit of a select few. Our government must never betray this trust, and We The People of the United States of America will hold our elected officials fully accountable for their decisions.

We demand fiscal responsibility and accountability from our government.

We insist upon a government which remembers and respects America's requirement for separation of church and state, one which comprehends that in America, an elected official's personal religious beliefs may NOT be legislated upon its citizens.

We ask our elected officials to recall that they are formally charged with ensuring the equal well-being of ALL of the citizens of this great nation, and reiterate that they have not been granted permission to favor any segment of the population at the expense of or to the detriment of the remainder of its citizens.

We solemnly reaffirm the right of free speech for ALL Americans, without fear of reprisal.


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