Shopping & The Jealousy Gene

It's the strangest phenomenon. We have clients who even years later tell us they still regret not having purchased a one of a kind piece of estate jewelry they absolutely loved, but the friend who accompanied them to the showroom that day aggressively talked them out of it.

Why does that happen? The friend may not even realize she's doing it, but to us it's obvious. When we observe this happening we never attempt to change your mind. This is your decision.

But if you shop accompanied by a friend, and admit out loud that this is a piece of jewelry you absolutely love, nearly 100% of the time the friend will do her level best to sabotage your decision. Conversely, if you've already purchased that same piece of jewelry and then display it to her, you'll receive sincerely effusive compliments. Weird, isn't it?

Here are our suggestions:
(1) Do your homework and ask as many questions as you wish.
(2) Know your budget and remember there's always Layaway.
(3) If it calls to your heart, it's meant to be yours.

Happy shopping!