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ESTATE SALE - Circa 1950
Vintage Custom Made 5.70 carats total
Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring

STUNNING ORIGINAL CIRCA 1950 Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring
Marvelous Right Hand Ring as well.
Diamonds 1.20 cts SI, F-G, flanking a 4.5 carat Sapphire
5.70 carats total gemstone weight.

From an Estate on the Treasure Coast of Florida, this exquisite, custom made, 14k white gold diamond ring circa 1950 originally held a breathtakingly beautiful antique center diamond which has since been sold separately. The diamond was removed from this ring and sold for inclusion in a custom made Platinum pendant.

That left the consignor with a lovely and lavish diamond semi-mount, which would accept either another center diamond or a fine colored gemstone which measured in the neighborhood of 9mm to approx. 9.45mm.

Eventually we were directed to have a large vintage Sapphire similar in size to the original diamond, bezel set in the semi-mount ring.

(ABOVE PHOTO: At top is a photo of the ring with the Sapphire as it appears in our showcase today and as offered for sale here. At bottom is photo of the original ring with the center diamond in place, prior to separate sale of that diamond.)

This gorgeous vintage ring was originally designed with a half bezel cradling the diamond. A half-bezel is a type of setting wherein a diamond or other type of gemstone, (typically used for high value gemstones), is set flush with or slightly below a protective, partially encircling metal band on two sides. This particular style of setting is used to shield valuable gemstones from the accidental scratching or chipping it might be susceptible to in a standard prong style setting. In addition to the protective virtue of the half bezel, the design also allows natural light to reach the stone while simultaneously facilitating ease of cleaning.

This ring contains a dozen big side diamonds, estimated at .10ct each. They are fine natural mined diamonds having desirable SI clarity, and top white F-G color. Total Diamond weight is 1.20 carats.

About the Sapphire: Sapphire has been a royal gem since the beginning of the written word and probably long before that. It is adored for its beautiful colors and extreme hardness, thus becoming a symbol of power and wealth. Sapphire faceting wasn't seen until after the 16th century. At the turn of the 20th century, a new phenomenon entered the market: synthetic sapphire. Auguste Verneuil (1856-1913), a Frenchman, managed to create crystalline corundum (Sapphire & Rubies) in his laboratory. To this day, most synthetic sapphire is created using Verneuil's method even though other methods of synthesizing sapphires have been discovered. This is a synthetic Sapphire. A little known fact is that many of the finest antique Platinum and Diamond jewelry pieces dating from the Art Deco period (1920's and 1930's) and on through the Retro era of jewelry (1940's - 1950's) featured synthetic rubies and sapphires.

This Sapphire weighs approximately 4.5 carats. Both the color and clarity of the Sapphire are superb.

5.70 carats total gemstone weight.  
The ring is a size 7, it is in excellent condition, and it can be easily resized if necessary.

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This is a Consignment item.
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