Displayed above in a ring style stone holder, as worn, and shown next to diamonds of varying colors for viewers to better judge both the size and color of this magnificent stone.

This is a drop dead gorgeous RECTANGULAR BRILLIANT CUT with a very small open culet.

Actual weight is 1.76 carats and dimensions are 7.46 x 6.28 x 4.59mm. It faces up absolutely beautifully.

Clarity is SI1 (a microscopic white feather is off to one side) and some years ago on an earlier appraisal, the color was described by a GIA gemologist as G-H. Our in-house bench jeweler however, who grades a good bit more strictly than most appraisers, detects a faint hint of yellow in the stone, which in his opinion would merit a higher color classification, which is not at all unusual in antique diamonds.

We've displayed the diamond in a white gold ring style diamond holder and shown it adjacent to both white gold and yellow gold rings, next to D-E color and G-H color diamonds, and we've positioned the stone vertically as well as horizontally in the ring holder. It is pleasing to the eye whichever way, (vertically or horizontally) you choose to have it set.


This diamond is part of a larger estate, (see our other listings) with pieces dating back to the Victorian, Edwardian and romantic Art Nouveau eras. Feel free to request prices for Princess, Radiant, Asscher, Old European Cut, Old Mine Cut and all Modern Brilliant cut diamonds in any size, color and clarity, and from vintage estates, with or without GIA or EGL certificates.


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