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Unicorn Dreams

Does a Unicorn dream
Of silly things
Or spend his time in play?
Is his head awhirl
From the weight of the world
Or does he just have nothing to say?

What would you say
If you knew that his day
Was the same as yours or mine?
What would you think
If you saw one blink
And he asked you for the time?

Would you turn him away
And tell him to play
With someone else for awhile?
Would you ask for a ride
And sit there astride
With your face alight in a smile?

Unicorns, you see,
Are fancy and free
And may not stop by today.
Ah...but should he stop by
Don't be frightened or cry
We'd rather not scare him away!

Unicorn Dreams - by Everett Eugene Wiginton
Bedtime-Story / Everett Eugene Wiginton - Copyright 1996 - All Rights Reserved

About the author:

Gene Wiginton is a resident of Clute, Texas, a distant suburb of Galveston. A 24 year employee of BASF, he is a Chemical Tech. and outdoorsman who has been writing for the past thirty years. Gene and his wife Vanessa, who is also his best friend, share their home with their youngest son, (all 6'3" of him), their daughter, and her children Mikey and Damien, the grandchildren for whom Unicorn Dreams was written. You may send e-mail to Gene Wiginton at or

About the Illustrator:
Angelica Aiko Miyagi is a 24-year-old English teacher, freelance translator and talented sculptress currently living in Okinawa, Japan (she grew up in Sacramento and Honolulu). She draws and paints almost every day for the kids at her after-school program. On weekends she goes to a pottery studio to make animals and figures for fun. We found the talented Aiko's sculptures so intriguing we invited her to use them to illustrate a selection of Bedtime Stories. You may visit her website at or send email

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