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Tidy Ted's always tidy
from his head to his toe,
But nevertheless,
Ted's a pig you know!

But he brushes his teeth
and washes his face,
He's the cleanest of pigs
in the whole piggy place!

Ted ironed his clothes
and polished his shoes,
And made up his bed
after taking a snooze.
But the most remarkable
thing of all?
Ted kept his room clean…
from wall to wall!

Ted even ate meals
with manners and grace;
While the other pigs made
a mess of the place!
They slurped, and burped,
and dribbled, and ran;
But Tidy Ted ate
like a true gentleman.

"What's wrong with that pig?"
they'd say with a snort,
"He's truly a pig
of another sort!"
"Our way is better!
Who cares if we're clean?"
"Good manners and cleaning
just make us turn green!"

But Ted didn't care
what the other pigs said.
Maybe someday they'd do
things his way instead.
Then one day while
the pigs were at play,
And dressed in their usual
so-sloppy way...

Young Henry Hog tripped
and fell to the ground!
Behind him the others
came tumbling down!
Ted tried not to laugh
as their faces turned red;
"Perhaps you should tie
your shoe-laces!" he said.

And then later on
that very same day;
Pete Pig saw a pretty sow
looking his way;

She was clean, she was neat,
and she smelled very sweet.
And she seemed to be smiling
at dirty ol' Pete!

But she suddenly turned
and then smiled at Ted;
"I prefer my pigs
clean and tidy!" she said.
"P.U! Take a bath!"
she suggested to Pete;
"I'm about to pass out
from the smell of your feet!"


The pigs had begun
to resent Tidy Ted;
"Just wait! We'll teach him
a lesson!" they said.
And the very next day,
while the pigs were at play;
Ted was pushed in a puddle,
where pigs made him stay!


Whenever young Ted
made attempts to get out;
He got pushed right back in
by a big dirty snout!

"You're not tidy at all Ted!"
they said and they giggled;
And they watched as poor Ted
fought and struggled and wriggled.

But when they all saw
Ted was truly upset;
They decided to leave,
and they left him there wet!

And they laughed as they left
with their snouts held up high;
And when Ted made it home
Well, he wanted to cry.

But he took a warm bath
using plenty of bubbles;
And once he was clean
he forgot all his troubles.
He washed all his clothes
then mopped mud from the floor;
And soon all was just as
it all was before .

Now, even though the pigs
had been terribly cruel;
Ted still said hello
when he saw them in school.

But again they all stuck
their old snouts in the air;
And gave Ted an icy-cold,
beady-eyed stare.

And when the school bell
rang to say time for lunch;
The pigs all ran right out
the door in a bunch!

They stumbled and fumbled
to get to the food;
With nary a thought
about acting so rude!

By the time poor Ted
finally sat down to eat
Almost nothing was left
but a lousy ol' beet!
And Ted hated beets!
So he started to cry;
His tummy was growling
for blueberry pie!


When somebody figured out
what they had done
Teasing Ted didn't seem
to be very much fun.
Poor Ted would go hungry
with nothing to eat;
The pigs got embarrassed
and stared at their feet.

They said "We've been lazy
and jealous and mean;
Could you maybe teach us
to be tidy and clean?
We could stand to learn manners
from you Tidy Ted!
We're ashamed we were
all mean and nasty!" they said.

So Ted dried his eyes
and started to smile;
He said he would help,
though it could take a while!

Ted forgave the pigs for all
their rudeness and greed;
And the rest of their other
unkindly misdeeds.

And from that day forth
all the pigs were good friends;
But were they all clean?
Well I'd say that depends...
The pigs all worked hard
aimed to clean up their act;
And did very well
as a matter of fact!

But their manners and grooming
are not perfect yet...
Because now and again
you know, pigs do forget!

By Dyan Reynolds - Copyright 1998
All Rights Reserved

About the Author/Illustrator: Dyan Reynolds writes stories and draws pictures for her children and for her family across the country. She is the proud mother of 4 (three boys and a girl) and tells us she is owned by a Great Dane named Molly. Although Dyan now lives in Cincinnati, she was brought up in San Diego, where her second grade teacher was perceptive enough to recognize her talent. They've kept in touch over the years, and the teacher continually encouraged Dyan to keep up with her writing. Dyan has an office at home, she builds web sites, and when she has a spare moment, she also likes to play the piano, draw, or read. Dyan's clever illustrations can also be found on her rhyming story "The Many Sisters of Molly Brown", the whimsical tale of a young girl who has so many sisters she simply wishes they'd all go away. Be sure to check it out.
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