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The Book

There was once a very old book whose cover was made of lovely red leather and it's pages were of the finest paper. It belonged to a girl named Amelia. His Amelia, as the little book liked to think of her. She was sweet and kind, and of course she loved to read.

At first Amelia's mother would read to her, but as she grew older Amelia could read the little book all by herself. This was no ordinary book, for within it's pages were the most amazing stories that had ever been written . Tales of princesses and dragons, of pirates and treasure, of things you could hardly believe! When you opened the book, a world of adventure lay within.

Amelia loved the little book, for it had belonged to her mother, and her mother's mother before her, but something was about to happen that the little book did not expect.

One day as he lay on the heavy nightstand next to Amelia's bed, where he spent much of his time, a terrible thing happened. The family cat jumped up and accidentally gave him a great big shove. The little red book slid right over the edge and fell behind the nightstand. He just lay there, wedged tightly in the space between the wall and the nightstand. He could not cry out for help. All he could do was hope that help would come.



Alas, it did not.

His Amelia, in fact her whole family, searched far and wide, high and low, but no one could see him. So there he lay. Amelia was heartbroken, for she loved the little book above all others. No other book that her mother gave her could replace the little red book with its wonderful stories.

And so the years passed. The little book never really gave up hope of being found, but his heart was full of sadness, for he missed his Amelia and the way that she had always turned his pages with such gentle and loving hands. Then one day, when he thought that all hope was lost, something happened. The heavy nightstand that had kept him hidden all those years was being moved and suddenly he heard a voice cry out, "My book, my book! It's been here all this time!" Then familiar hands gently picked him up, carefully dusted him off, then held him close.

But this was not his Amelia! Where was his Amelia? Then the woman began to turn his pages and suddenly the little book knew. Amelia must have grown up during the long years that he'd been lost. But the gentle, loving hands were the same. He was home at last!

Then he heard the sound of children's voices.

"Mummy, mummy!" they cried, "What is that book?"

"This is it!" said their Mother. "My book, my lost book! Found again!"

"Read to us, read to us " the children begged, and so she did. With those gentle hands she turned the little book's pages and with that sweet voice she told his amazing stories. Day turned to night and still the wide-eyed children sat and listened as his amazing stories were being read to them.

Such stories! Such adventures! Such joy! The little book's heart was overflowing, for here he was, back with his Amelia. And the little book knew that Amelia's children, and her children's children would continue to read his wonderous tales for years to come.

And the little red book was happy.

The End




The Book
Yvonne Freeman
Copyright 2018 - All Rights Reserved

About the Author:

Yvonne Freeman is a resident of Australia and an author who specializes in short stories. She volunteers at a local school and provides reading support for students. Yvonne especially enjoys writing stories for her grandchildren. Feel free to tell Yvonne how much you enjoyed her story!


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