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Sally and the Sorcerer

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Sally who loved to catch butterflies. Of course she caught them very gently, and Sally ALWAYS let them go afterwards. (That's the right thing to do.)

One morning Sally was busy getting ready to go catch butterflies. She put on her special butterfly catching hat and her special butterfly catching shoes. She picked up her special butterfly catching net, and then she bounded out the door. Sally ran up to her dad who was standing in the front yard with a garden hose in his hand.

"Hey Daddy, let's go catch butterflies," she said.

Sally's Daddy peered around the hedge and smiled at Sally. "I'm sorry, honey". he told her. "But I've got wots of lork to do today. I've got to wax the hamsters, wash the hedges, prune the windows, and feed your mothers car.

"Wots of lork?...WAX the HAMSTERS?"

Sally shook her head slightly and peered closely at her Daddy. He LOOKED normal enough. He just wasn't making any sense. She assumed that he was trying to explain to her that he needed to feed the hamsters, trim the hedges, wash the windows, and wax her mother's car before he could go catch butterflies with her.

It certainly wasn't coming out that way though.

Sally turned and glanced around the yard.

Uh-oh. Something was definitely wrong around here today.

She looked around and saw that the outside of their house was upside down.

She saw that the sun was purple.
And the grass was blue.
And the clouds were green.
And there were fish in the sky.


Wow. Something was definitely wrong around here.

Sally decided that the best person to ask what was going on would be her best friend, Wanda the Witch. So Sally hopped on her bicycle and set off on the little dirt path that ran through the woods and led straight to Wanda's house. When Sally arrived, she tapped lightly on Wanda's door.

Tap, tap, tap.

Sally waited.

There was no answer, so she knocked louder.

Knock, knock, knock.

Sally waited.

There was STILL no answer.

Sally knew that if Wanda were home, she would certainly answer the door. But why wouldn't Wanda answer the door? Wanda almost NEVER left home.

The door was unlocked, so Sally turned the doorknob and stuck her head inside.

"Wanda?" she called.

No answer.

Sally opened the door a bit wider.

"Wanda? Anybody home?"

"In here," called a voice that sounded just the slightest bit...well...FLUFFY.

Sally could tell that something was wrong here too.

She stepped inside and peeked into the living room.

There, on the couch, was Wanda.

Then Sally realized something.

Wanda wasn't ON the couch.

Wanda WAS the couch.


"WANDA!!? Why on EARTH are you a piece of furniture? Did you use the wrong item in some magical brew?"

The couch with the fluffy pillows sighed. "Hello child," it said. Come on in and have a seat. Sally dutifully perched herself on the arm of the couch.

"What in the world is going on?" wailed Sally.

"The outside of my house is upside down.
The sun is purple.
The grass is blue.
And the clouds were green.
And there were fish in the sky."

"There is a fungus among us," replied Wanda the Couch. "A weed in our garden, if you will. Some silly sorcerer is wreaking havoc in the metropolitan area".

"Excuse me?" said Sally, with a bewildered look on her face.

"What I mean," said Wanda the Couch, "is that there's clearly a mischevious sorcerer hereabouts. He must be the one who is making things weird all over town. Now I certainly can't undo the spells of other witches or sorcerers, I can only undo my own, so we're going to have to FIND the sorcerer and get HIM to change things back to the way they were."

"But do you know who the sorcerer IS?" asked Sally.

"I've got a pretty good idea that it's none other than Sam the Silly Sorcerer," said Wanda the Couch. "This certainly looks like his doings to me," she said, as she watched a school of fish casually sail through her open window.

"Unfortunately," sighed Wanda the Couch, as the fish circled curiously about the coffee table and then left the way they came, "In this form I can't do diddlysquat about anything".

So Sally left Wanda there, and off she went to look for Sam the Silly Sorcerer.

Sally looked under rocks and she looked up in trees.

"Sam Sam Sam?," she called. "Sam, where ARE you?"

All of a sudden, something jumped out from behind a clump of bushes. It was something whose head was spinning round and round and round.

"BOO!" the thing with the spinning head yelled at Sally.

Sally jumped about a foot. Sure enough, it was Sam, the Silly Sorcerer.

Her eyes grew wide as she watched Sam's head spin round and round and round.

"Doesn't that hurt?" Sally asked him.

"No, it doesn't. As a matter of fact, it feels GREAT!" Sam shouted, and he made his head spin round and round and round, even FASTER.

"STOP THAT!" yelled Sally.

Sam's head stopped spinning and he stood there grinning at her.

A great big tear trickled down Sally's cheek and all of a sudden she began to cry.

"Oh my," said Sam. "Please don't cry."

"I'm sorry." Sally sniffed. "It's just that today has been a perfectly terrible day....

My house is upside down.
The sun is purple.
The grass is blue.
The clouds are green.

There are fish in the sky,

And my best friend Wanda is a COUCH!!"

(Well, that's certainly enough to ruin anybody's day, isn't it?)

Sam looked at her and patted her hand.

"It's OK, Sally. I can un-upside-down your house. I can un-blue the grass, un-green the clouds, un-purple the sun, and I can put the fish back in the sea where they belong. I just thought people might like a change. I guess they didn't."

Sally's chin trembled a bit and she looked doubtfully at Sam the Silly Sorcerer.

"What about Wanda?" she sniffed.

"Your friend, the couch? What about her?" Sam asked.

"She's not. At least she wasn't. A couch that is. Turn her back."

"Oh. Sorry about that. I thought you were talking about a friend who just happened to be a couch. So what does she get turned back into?" he asked, innocently.

Sally put her hands on her hips and tapped her foot. "You know perfectly well what she get's turned back into, Sam. And you had better hurry up. That's Wanda the Witch and she's not very amused at having been turned into a couch."

"Oh..." giggled Sam the Silly Sorcerer. "Goodness gracious me, who woulda thunk it. Wanda the Witch. My, my, my. Well, I wonder if that's the same Wanda the Witch who offered to turn me into a toad not too long ago?"

Sam snickered to himself. Sally frowned at him and tapped her foot even faster.

"All right, all right," said Sam.

Sam the Silly Sorcerer looked down at the grass and made it un-blue. He looked up at the sun and made it un-purple. He gazed at the clouds and made them un-green. Then he looked up at the fish, and whoosh, he made them all splash back into the sea.

Once he was finished, Sam and Sally walked back to Wanda's house so Sam could make Wanda un-couch.

"I'm awfully sorry to cause so much mischief". he apologized to Wanda. "I just sort of wanted to do something to make the neighborhood a bit more interesting," he said, as he turned to go.

"Well it was definitely interesting, all right," Sally muttered to herself.

Sally and Wanda accepted Sam's apology and waved goodbye to him.

Sally scratched her head and turned to Wanda. "You know, I've got the funniest feeling that I've forgotten something, but for the life of me I can't remember what it might be. Oh, well. I guess I'll remember it after a while".

Sally hopped on her bicycle and Wanda followed on her broomstick to make sure that Sally got home safely.

"Bye Wanda," Sally called, and Wanda continued on her way.

Sally's Daddy was still over by the hedge with a garden hose in his hand.

"Hi Daddy," Sally said. "Want to go catch some butterflies?" she asked.

"Hi Honey," called Daddy."Sure, I'll be ready to go in just a few minutes,"

"All I have left to do is wax the hamsters".

Hide the Simonize.

"Uh-oh," said Sally. "I KNEW there was something we forgot".

Sally and the Sorcerer
Bedtime-Story / Leigh Parker - Copyright 1998 - All Rights Reserved

About the Author - Leigh Parker lives in the town of Mount Pleasant, SC. He was 17 years old and attending Wando High School when he wrote this tale. In college, Lee hopes to study acting. He would also like to be a writer of children's books. You may write to Lee at lparker@awod.com

Interim Illustrations courtesy Bedtime-Story.
Sally's Dad is courtesy of Jeff Meyers.

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