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Rebeccah Rabbit placed a fresh apple pie on the open windowsill.
"Hmmm... Rebeccah's made one of her famous pies," sniffed Christopher Chipmunk.
"Yesss... hersss are the bessst," hissed Snidely Snake.
"Wonder whooo it's for?" queried Oscar Owl.
Leaving everyone else to wonder about the pie, Rebeccah moved to clean up her kitchen. Suddenly, she heard a great clatter. Turning her head, Rebeccah cried, "Oh, dear, what happened to my pie?"

Adjusting the spectacles on the end of her nose, Rebeccah peeked out the window. There was no one to be seen, except for Rodney Robin, who was chirping much louder than usual.

"What is it, Rodney?" she asked. "Did you see who took my pie?"

"I'm afraid not," replied Rodney, sadly. "The sun was in my eyes."

"I've got to find that pie," Rebeccah said. "I just don't have time to bake another."

Feeling a strong, cool wind nip at the end of her nose, Rebeccah slipped on her warm coat and headed outside to search for her pie. She hadn't gone far when she came upon Harry Hare. "Have you seen my pie?" she asked.

"Why, no, Rebeccah, I haven't," Harry answered, "but I heard someone go by here. Unfortunately, I had something in my eye. It smelled like your pie went that way, though," he said, pointing north.

So, north Rebeccah went. Presently, she ran into Marvin Monkey. "I beg your pardon, Marvin, but have you seen my pie?"

"Well, no, Rebeccah," he said, "I'm afraid I haven't. I was rubbing my eyes at the time. However, I did smell it go that-a-way." Marvin pointed east.

Sighing heavily, Rebeccah headed east. Before long, she came across Frankie Frog, who was chasing after Beverly Bug.

"Frankie, have you seen my pie?"

"Nooope," he croaked, as Beverly Bug scooted away. "I had a bug in my eye at the time. I did hear someone go by though, and they seemed to be heading west."

Rebeccah pulled her coat tighter about her, and proceeded to go west. Suddenly, Oscar Owl flew over, and landed directly in front of her. "Whooo was that pie for, Rebeccah?" asked the owl.

"It was for my nephew, Bobby Bunny," she replied. "I've simply got to find that pie - it's Bobby's favorite kind, and I always give him one for his birthday."

Oscar thought. "While I was flying around," he said finally, "I thought I saw someone heading south."

So, Rebeccah went south, hot on the trail now, she felt certain, of that runaway pie.

Abruptly, she tripped right over Snidely Snake. "Ouch!" he yelped.

"Sorry, Snidely," Rebeccah said.

"Ssss-all right," hissed Snidely. "It happensss to me all the time."

"Have you, by any chance, seen my pie?", she asked.

"Yesss, sssomeone jussst trampled over me a few minutesss ago, in a big hurry... sssmelled jussst like apple pie, and wasss heading towardsss your houssse. I think."

Rebeccah turned again and headed for home. When she arrived, Christopher Chipmunk and Michael Mouse were standing in front.

"We know where your pie is, Rebeccah," Christopher said. "It's right here!" They both pointed to the ground just below her kitchen window, where Rebeccah's lettuce garden grew. Pieces of pie were spread all over the lettuce.

"Oh, dear," said Rebeccah. "Why, the wind must have blown it off the window sill. But if that's the case, who did Harry Hare and Marvin Monkey and Frankie Frog and Oscar Owl see heading north, east, west and south?"

"Why, that was me, Aunt Rebeccah," said a voice behind her. It was none other than her nephew, Bobby Bunny. "I was looking at your lettuce garden", he told her. "When a big gust of wind blew the pie off the window sill. The pie tin landed right on top of my head and apple pie spilled all over me." Sure enough, little bits of apples and Rebeccah's fragrant crust could still be seen on Bobby's fur.

"Well, that certainly explains why everyone smelled the pie, said Rebeccah, but where on earth were you running to?"

"Why, to get my fork, of course. I wasn't going to let my birthday pie go completely to waste!" Bobby giggled.

"Welllll...", said Aunt Rebeccah, noting that most of the pie had landed on nice clean lettuce leaves that were themselves as big as plates, "As long as we're here, we may as well celebrate your birthday with an apple pie and lettuce picnic".

"Hooray!" shouted Bobby, and everyone broke into laughter.

Instead of cake, they all sat down in the middle of the garden and began scooping up tasty pieces of the broken pie.

Although she was exhausted from running all over the forest searching for her pie, Rebeccah was delighted that the birthday party was turning out so well.

After everyone had eaten their fill of apple pie and lettuce, wished Bobby a Happy Birthday, and then waved goodbye, Bobby turned to his aunt.

"You know what, Aunt Rebeccah?" said Bobby.

"What's that?" Rebeccah asked, with a smile.

"That was the best birthday pie ever!" Bobby exclaimed. "Can we have a runaway pie next year too?"

Rebeccah Rabbit's Runaway Pie - By Paul M. Riordan - Copyright 1998

About the Author: Paul M. Riordan, a resident of Gaithersburg, Maryland, is an established author of non-fiction works, with emphasis on film related articles. Children's tales still hold a special place in his heart, however. Paul's story "The King of Athabar," has been published by SHOOFLY, An Audiomagazine for Children.

Interim Illustrations Courtesy of Bedtime-Story and Corel Clip Art

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