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A Quiet Life?


Nanna and Poppa lived in a neat house at the end of a quiet street in a peaceful suburb.
Every morning they ate a leisurely breakfast on the veranda while listening to the birds sweetly singing. Then Poppa would go into his shed to 'fix' things while Nanna 'tidied up' inside the house.

Each afternoon Nanna and Poppa attended to their pretty little garden. Nanna would hum quietly and Poppa whistled softly. After dinner they sat on the sofa and read or watched TV before going to bed. They lived a quiet life. Until.....

One day a space ship landed on their driveway and three little aliens came scampering out.

"Looks like we're being invaded." said Poppa.

Nanna said, "Oooh, the poor little things! They must be tired, bring them inside, we'll give them something to eat."

Poppa mumbled "Hope they don't eat much."

The aliens didn't eat very much at all. Instead they threw sandwiches at each other, spilled milk on the floor and broke their cups. All the while they chattered happily and screeched ever so loud.

"My goodness, these aliens are very untidy." said Nanna as she set about cleaning up the mess.

"Yes, and they're very noisy," said Poppa as he headed out to the shed with his hands over his ears.

The three little aliens liked Nanna and Poppa's house so much they decided to stay. They had a great deal of energy and loved running up and down the veranda, bouncing on beds, making lots of noise and a big mess.

They also loved eating chocolate chip cookies, cuddling Nanna and helping Poppa.

"I guess this is the end of our quiet life," said Poppa.

"Yes, but they are such sweet creatures." said Nanna.

There were no more leisurely breakfasts on the veranda listening to the birds, because the three little aliens would chase after them and shout with glee when they flew away.

Nanna was forever tidying up the house, because the biggest alien, the purple spiky one, liked to take things out of cupboards but not put them back. There were fry pans in the bedroom and blankets in the oven.

Poppa spent most of the day fixing things in his shed, because the middle sized alien, the spotted round one, always seemed to have accidents and broke things. Dishes, chairs and lamps were all in need of repair.

Nanna stopped humming and Poppa no longer whistled when they worked in the garden. Instead they sighed, because the littlest alien, the orange one, would sit among the flowers screeching loudly with delight.

In the evening there was no more reading or watching TV because everyone was so tired they would just fall into bed and sleep.

For two whole months Nanna and Poppa and the three little aliens shared the same house and learned how to get along with each other. In spite of all the noise and mess, Nanna and Poppa never once thought to send them away.

You see, they loved the three little aliens, and the three little aliens loved being cuddled.

So it was a very sad day when the three little aliens got a call from their home planet and were told to return 'As Soon As Possible'. They didn't want to leave and Nanna and Poppa didn't want them to go, but the time had come, so that was that.

Nanna put enough chocolate chip cookies in their space ship to last them for the entire trip.

Things returned to normal again. Nanna and Poppa liked their neat house and quiet life but they missed the three little aliens and all their noise and mess. They often talked about them and smiled with the memory of their visit. Until ...

One day a blue car drove into the driveway and their three little grandchildren scampered out.

"Looks like we're being invaded, again." said Poppa with a big smile.

"Oh good!" said Nanna.

There were happy cuddles all around, and luckily, chocolate chip cookies were just about ready to come out of the oven.

A Quiet Life?
by Judith McGrath - Copyright 1998 - All Rights Reserved

About the Author: Judith McGrath of Kalamunda, Western Australia. Judy is a free-lance journalist and reviewer on the visual arts in Australia. Her children have left the nest but her grandchildren fly in and out. She has found they, like good artists, inspire her to view the ordinary from a different perspective and gain a new appreciation for the world. Some of her stories attempt to tap into that perspective while others are just her way of saying 'Thank You'. Write to Judy at  

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