Welcome aboard!

Not quite what you expected for an R&D shop?

That's because we're different from most engineering companies.

That's right. Our parent company is an engineering firm---a diverse combination of whiz-bang former NASA engineers, fixture manufacturers and woodworking specialists, specialty engineers for motor systems, and electrical components, sheet metal and electrical wiring wizards, top notch medical, educational and ergonomic consultants, and some creative firefighters, (one's a Captain), whose motto is "Hey, we can do that!".

Toss in an economist, a government contract specialist, an international CEO, some professional writers, editors, and marketing type folks ....... each and every one of whom is computer-literate, and has a penchant for creativity, and what you've generated is amazing synergy, and turn-on-a-dime flexibility. (Heck, around here, even the cat uses the computer)

We're as big on innovation, as we are on common sense.

Uh....THIS? Ah, well.

It's a remarkable new lightweight material. It exhibits superior strength. We had originally planned to only use it for......well, we're introducing some of Summerland's newest products now.

But THEN, you see, we started getting a lot of inquiries from Aerospace companies....and well.... one thing led to another.

Frankly, we couldn't resist.

So.....as long as you're here.....want to try it out?

Time? Nah. We won't keep you away too long.

That window ought to give you a pretty good view. Go ahead, have a seat over there.

Uh...you might want to use the seatbelt.

Alright.....who's on board? Neal?, Bobby? Chris? Bob? Bill?, Ted?, Cynthia? Zamm?You guys ready? Good.

Now .....let's show our guest a thing or two.

You? No, you don't need to do a thing. Just sit back. And oh yes, keep your eyes on that window.

Ready? OK, switching on the control panel.

...and we've got.....


Watch the window.

There you go, we're back.

See? We told you we wouldn't keep you away too long.

Do we do this often?

Every chance we get.

Will you be able to do this from your OWN model of The OFFICE™?

We're working on it.

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Animations (and First Officer Zammcat) are from the tale
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